Inadequate biopsy, diagnostic loop excision

Just wondering if any of you ladies are in my position and what your experiences have been.

High risk HPV positive since 2019 (a surprise and unable to clear it, unfortunately). CIN1 on biopsy in 2023.

“Inadequate” biopsy last month for probable “low grade” changes on colposcopy. Now advised to have a “diagnostic loop excision” to “see what’s going on”.

Original date for this procedure, 1 May, but I’ve asked if they can push it back a couple of weeks because I’m a keen runner and have two big events in May.

I’ve never had this procedure before. It seems a bit drastic. Any words of wisdom on what to expect (especially afterwards and getting back to exercise) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Jude in terms of the LLETZ procedure not sure if your having it under local or general anaesthetic but if local I had 4 injections first to numb things then they did the procedure, although it’s numb it’s just uncomfortable in general however I think this was the easiest part of it all!

The hardest part is the recovery, I’m now 6 weeks post LLETZ and I go to the gym regularly lifting weights, I took 2 weeks off completely and in them 2 weeks I felt exhausted and found tasks hard to do as I just wanted to lie down, week 3 I was still tired but I went to the gym for the first time, I only did really light weights (even if I wanted too my strength was gone😂), each week I’ve progressed the weight slowly however I’ve always listened to my body as soon as I’ve felt a twinge in my stomach or anything I’ve dropped the weight back down! I would say I’m back to nearly normal now but still not lifting as heavy as before but I’m nearly there!

I know everyone’s experience of this is different and yours might be completely different to mine and you could be back running again in no time! The main things are let your body rest because they never warned me about how tired you are afterwards so if your tired just let your body rest! Your hot water bottle will be your bestfriend! X

Hello I have the same I had biopsy in December came back ungradabke before it was cin1 so went to mdt meeting and they decided to do a lettz although when I was there they mentioned I could be high grade now not sure I was just nervous about the whole thing! I’m two weeks today and I have been back at work for a week no day off in 6 days but I’m just tired I had a few days taking it easy the I have just tried to carry on so I’m just waiting for results. It’s definitely not as bad as you think :+1: