biopsy inadequate for assessment now need diagnostic loop

Hello everyone, I am a first time poster.  I had a colposcopy on Sept 3rd follwing a high grade pre cancerous cells smear test result. I'm sure the colposcopy nurse said that she took 2 biopsies but I have now received a letter saying that that "your biopsy was inadequate for assessment. In view of your referral smear and high grade colposcopy impression we will recall you to colposcopy clinic for a diagnostic loop excision."  That is all the letter says - there is no sentence about this being a normal occurance or that I should not unduly worry so of course I am now worried!  I thought loop excision was likely to be the treatment so if this is just diagnostic what is the treatment likely to be? Any one else had a similar experience? Thank you in advance for any responses.

Hi and welcome. Because your biopsy was ‘inadequate‘ (probably unable to detect any CIN in the samples), they have recalled you for further treatment. These decisions are made at MDT meetings when there are discrepancies between results; they review your histology and decide on the next course of action. My first LLETZ was inadequate too, so they decided I needed a second deeper LLETZ, which confirmed the original smear result.

Try not to worry too much, but if you have any questions, I’m sure a phone call to the colposcopy unit will help. Good luck.

Hi Jools - thank you for that - it's reassuring!