In the clear

Just thought I’d share a positive story as there probably aren’t enough. After a horrible 7 months of waiting I am back on normal recall. HPV negative and no abnormal cells.

Hx - borderline smear HPV positive 2017, CIN1 colposcopy 2017, normal smear 2018 (not screened for HPV for some reason). CIN3 HPV positive smear 2021, colposcopy and cold coagulation 2022 with CIN2 confirmed by biopsy. Test of cure no abnormal cells and HPV negative

I got the vaccine and stopped the pill. Also mildly increased exercise, fruit and vegetables and vitamin intake. Did one month of probiotic pessaries and AHCC capsules. Got away in the sun and de-stressed.

Take home note is that I didn’t change much, I think it was a combination of small/resolving lesions, stopping the pill, getting cold coagulation and biopsies and the vaccination.


It’s great to read a positive story and pleased all is going well for you. Just out of interest,what probiotic pessarys did you use?

I am also interested in your probiotic pessaries :slight_smile:

Hi @JLE thank you for sharing a positive story. I’ve not heard of probiotic pessaries, what are these? And also what does AHCC stand for?
Thanks x

Just a canesten one, lactobacillus based I think

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AHCC is the mushroom extract that’s supposed to be a big immune system booster