HPV High Risk Positive

Hey Everyone,

Newbie here so i hope im doing this right! I just got my smear results back after havjng first been diagnosed with HPV a year agoand have tested positive for high risk HPV with a change in cells noticed and I am now waiting for an appointment for a Coloscopy exam. Feeling very very nervous but trying not to over think and stress myself. I am already looking at ways to improve my eating habits and lifestyle (I have 2 horses so spend a lot of time outside!) Any advice on anything else i can do would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: xx

Hi, Mrs hope,
I was diagnosed with hpv positive and low grade cell changes in 2021 July.
I bought AHCC Kinko Platinum gold once from Amazon and then couple of times from iherb.com .I also took multivitamins, folic acid and curcumin capsules for 4 months. After 6 months I went for private smear test and it came back negative. I am not sure if my body naturally cleared hpv or the supplements cleared it but luckily I got rid of the virus.

Hi Zoe1,thanks for replying to me. I have bought multivitamins and have looked at AHCC also. Happy for you that you managed to self heal. Hoping with some life style changes I will be able to also :crossed_fingers:

I was also diagnosed with cgin at the beginning of August and am awaiting a lletz appointment next week. I have been taking multi vitamins and also brought max botanicals ahcc tablets as they were cheaper than some I’d come across. Hopefully it may help to get rid of it eventually :blush: