Persistent HPV good news story

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I had a smear exactly a year ago which showed high risk HPV with no abnormal cells. I know for various reasons that this must be persistent HPV due to having CIN1 15 years ago. I also had a colcoscopy due to abnormal bleeding but nothing sinister was found. I now had my repeat smear and it is NEGATIVE for HPV. I lead a healthy lifestyle anyway but started taking AHCC (only in the last month before my smear). I also decided to pay for the HPV vaccine and have had 1 dose (a week before my smear so unlikely it would be this). I k now there is some limited evidence for both AHCC and the vaccine so I decided it was worth a try. I am obviously unsure and cannot make a causal link but I am amazed it has cleared after all this time and wanted to offer hope.


Hi, I found your post whilst searching for persistent HPV. I’ve had positive HPV now since 2018. I had cin 1 which cleared but still have the HPV. I was in the process of researching whether getting the vaccine is worthwhile. Did you find any research to back up your decision?? Great news on your results !

Hi iys interesting you have asked as a scientist friend sent me this :

Here is a reasonably recent review on the topic, the most relevant section being:


I also found one of the trail papers I think you were referring too. You might want to check, but this uses what is called a quadrivalent vaccine, which I understand is equivalent to Gardasil. Note that these studies are small, involve patients with ongoing diagnosed cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) - completely different to your situation, and also very complex to interpret

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I think the evidence is very limited but doesnt mean zero evidence so i just went ahead - hope that you get a negative result next team completely understand how it feels

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Can the prophylactic quadrivalent HPV vaccine be used as a therapeutic agent in women with CIN? A randomised trial karimi-zarchi


The use of both therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines in the therapy of papillomavirus disease garbuglia et al 2020


That is so interesting I too hpv pos for nearly 5 yrs fairly healthy too taking AHCC but the vaccine thing seems worth a shot where did I get it pay for it I’d pay also if I thought it may help me many thanks e

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I booked it at superdrug its 3 doses and think its age 46 and under really hope that you get a negative resuly the next time x

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Can i ask where you can get the tablets from im in the uk

Sorry i neant to reply sooner i jist got vitablossom ahcc from amazon not thr most expensive thi k there are better ones but it worked for me and a lot of positive reviews x