HPV 2 years no vell changes colposcoy next month

Hi All

Im 34, 2 years HPV pos and no cell changes. Im looking for anyone whos been in this situation. I suffer with health anxiety so im very anxious theyll find something at colposcopy.


Hey In very similar situation on 37 always had normal smears and then my last one in August was HPV positive no abnormal cells so I have to go back in 12 months I know this is a persistent infection as I’ve been with my husband seven years It’s just one of them things that you worry all the time now every little symptom I get I think there’s a problem just drives me mad I have started taking a Ahcc they are pricey they were about 100 pounds on Amazon I’ve had such good reviews that I can help clear persistent infections basically boost your immunity my immune system‘s crap anyway try not to stress about it there ain’t no point and the odds are your colposcopy will be absolutely fine it’s just procedure they do that on the third positive HPV and if they did find any cell changes they would be able to treat them so it’s not all bad xx

Hi Dawn can i ask what make of Ahcc you take as thinking of taking myself, thank you

It was the reviews I read on this site then o googled ahcc and read how good they are actually are I thaught wow bit pricey would work out 100 pound a month if you take 2 a day which is what I take .I’m on my second month of them now and the reviews said aboit 6 months use of them can suppress ahcc even persistent hpv by 60 percent so I thaught wot the hell of it doesn’t help so what I’ve tried x