I'm so anxious please can someone explain ...

Hi Ladies,

I feel abit silly having to ask this, but I can't function properly at the moment as I'm overwhelmed with worry :( If anyone can please answer me any of these questions I would be so grateful!

First of all, I will just explain.. I totally blame myself for not attending my smear when I was 25, at 26 I fell pregnant and now I'm 28 and had my 1st smear 2 days ago.

I have suddenly started having irregular periods and feeling really tired all the time, I've stupidly turned to Google and have now convinced myself due to my pwn stupidity I now have cervical cancer. I'm sure I'm suffering with some sort of anxiety problem also as I've literally cried every day for the past 2 weeks thinking I'm going to have to leave my son behind because I'm a selfish idiot.

Anyhow, I am now awaiting the results of my smear. Please can anyone advise me of the following;

If the results come back as borderline or lowgrade changes what happens next?

If the results come back as moderate or severe dyskaryosis and I'm sent for a colposcopy, if I have treatment there and then to remove the abnormal cells does this mean I am clear? I'm confused as I thought the colposcopy was to take a sample of your cervix for it to be sent off for testing. SO basically what I mean is if the treatment is done there and then to remove the abnormal cells, could the results from the removed stuff still come back to say I have cervical cancer?

Sorry this is so long winded, I just don't know where else to turn, I feel so emotional and I feel selfish to even post this on here as I know woman are going through much worse than myself :( Any info would be gratefully received.

Thanks xxx



Hi there lovely .

Will try my best to reassure you As i know this whole thing is stressful and worrying . So a colposcopy is a more in depth look at the cervix. It is very similar to a smear test but takes a bit longer. The doctor will then apply a vinegar like solution to the cervix which highlights any abnormal areas by showing them up white. If this is the case as was with me they then will take a sample/biopsy of the area and then you will wait about 4 weeks for results. For me, I presented with low grade changes at colposcopy. I then went on to have treatment to remove the affected area. This is called LLETZ treatment .this was done under local as an outpatient. Results again about 4 weeks. This confirms what level the cells were and if all was clear. I worried and worried until I felt so poorly but can honestly say it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. Please try not to worry , its easier said than done. You are not selfish You are in the right place with this site. Any more questions just ask . Xx

Abnormal smear November 2014

Colposcopy December 2014 - low grade changes and HPV positive 

LLETZ treatment march 2015 ( got lost in system ) confirmed high grade changes and HPV positive

Smear 6 months later - just had results confirmed cells normal but still HPV present. Colposcopy this week confirms all healthy nothing needed returned to 3 yearly smears now !!

Thank you so much for replying so quickly and for your reassurance! I've definitely worried so much I can't sleep properly let alone eat and now i'm making myself so paranoid that somethings going to be severely wrong :(

Do you know if they offer treatment there and then at the colposcopy and they 'remove' the abnormal cells, are those cells what are sent off to be tested? and could they come back as cancerous, and if they do does that mean I've got cancer even though they've removed the cells?

Sorry I sound silly but I cant seem to find answers online.

Thank you again xxx


At my hospital, treatment was not offered at colposcopy I had to go back for treatment. Yes the cells they remove are sent off to be tested . My consultant was fantastic, he numbed up the cervix, removed the cells (cut away) in my case, although I think some people have them lasered. He then cauterised the area to stop the bleeding. The procedure wasn't as bad as I'd expected, a bit uncomfortable but no more so than a smear test. The report will then say if all the margins are clear, as was in my case. From what I understood, the cells they remove are pre cancerous (not cancer), . They then review in 6 months with a smear test as I've just had done - I only went back for colposcopy because of the HPV. Hope this helps xx

Hi ellabee. I had borderline changes many years ago. At that time I didn't have colposcopy, I don't recall having biopsies or anything. I had smears every 6 months then yearly for about 3 years and there were no more changes so it was left. My cc wasn't picked up by smear, but I was referred to colposcopy due to irregular bleeding/discharge. Initially they thought itcwasxan ectropion and did a treatment there and then, but I went back a few months later as no improvement and doctor then took biopsies but was expecting to do a second treatment on the ectropion. I was called back in urgently 10 days later as my results were not clear but suspicious, and they did the LLETZ then. I was diagnosed within a fortnight of that. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that everyone's experience is very different. As I've said on another post this morning, there are many reasons for irregular bleeding. Stay away from Dr Google and try to wait. It really shouldn't take long for your results to come back, and its really not worth worrying about the what ifs. I know that's easier said than done, but don't let this distract you from living your life and focusing on your son. Keep us posted x

Thank you, I feel so much better reading through your experiences however like you said every one is different. i think what's making me extra nervous is that iv lost all my grandparents to cancer at young ages and a fair few aunties and uncles, with all different types of cancer so I just feel like it's inevitable it's coming for me too :( I think my son is the only person who can make me smile at the moment and then I torture myself at night laying there thinking all sorts. I'm trying to take a new outlook on the situation so I just need to focus on keeping myself together and hoping for the best. I don't deal well with pains or illness so this is just like a giant cloud hovering over me atm. I'm amazed how many woman have to go through this daily and how everyone keeps it together so well! I am suffering with anxiety so I don't think that helps at all. My partner thinks I'm losing the plot because of how upset I keep getting, hopefully I will get my results next week, will keep you posted xxx

Just wanted to update in case anyone does read this.. I was worrying myself stupid over nothing! My results all came back clear. I will never delay having a smear ever again! It wasn't painful at all and literally was done in 30 seconds! Please anyone who is anxious or scared, go and have the test done don't delay any longer. Surely having the smear done is less scary than cervical cancer! xx