I'm scared.

 So a couple days ago I had a colposcopy. After having my first smear done at 27 I got worrying results back. High risk hpv and high grade dyskaryosis (moderate). I cried my eyes out during the colposcopy where I recieved treatment and abit taken for a biopsy.. I didnt look. The anesthetic made me feel dizzy and shaken. Afterwards the doctor said I would get results in 2 to 4 weeks and then if everything is ok I go for a smear after 6 months then if it's ok again it should go back to every 3 years. But he didnt say much about what he found. Probably because I was so upset and maybe I was abit out of it to ask. Since being online and reading about the after part of a colposcopy and reading that if the doctor is worried you have cancer you get results after 2-3 weeks.. what if mine are coming between 2-4 weeks because he thinks I have cancer? I'm petrified. I have 2 young children I'm so scared I'm going to have the worst possible news and have to leave them without a mummy. 

Hi Marya, 

You have been for the smear and the colposcopy so you are doing the right thing.

Try not to panic.

I was the same as you last year. Utterly terrified. I had smear in April last year and the result came back, CIN3 with possible invasive disease. One colposcopy and one LLETZ under a GA later I was called in by my consultant to be told they had found cancer in the tissue sample staged at A1A and I would need another LLETZ. This was done again under a GA and the result came back as CIN 3 only. I was referred for an MRI, that came back clear and was given the option of a laporoscopic hysterectomy or a follow up 6 month smear. I took the follow up smear option and have just had the results as Low Grade Cells with HPV + So its another colposcopy for me.

You can do this. Like you I cried, googled a lot and just thought it was over. Try to clear your mind, try and get yourself into a positive mindset. I found that once I took a deep breath and allowed the doctors to treat me I felt much more in control. I'm the classic scared of needles, scared of operations, I was very tearful at my initial colposcopy and very scared and I know exactly how you feel.

You are not alone and you got this.



I'm exactly the same, had my first smear at 29 and showed HPV positive, also high grade severe cell changes, I had the colposcopy on thursday and had LLETZ and a biopsy taken, I also cried my eyes during the process and didnt look at the screen kept my eyes closed. The doctor never said much to me either just I would get the results in the post. The anxiety of waiting is killing me.... the thing what's bothering me is I've had no discharge and no bleeding and this is making me worry even more when its probably a good thing. Xx