scared waiting for results

Jjust had my 2nd colposcopy. My first was 11 years ago when I was 23. This time much worse as I have two young kids. They said the abnormal cells were in the gland area less common. That they thought they were pre cancerous so had to check. They got the doctor to do the colposcopy as the nurse said I had a shallow cervix from.previous treatment so he could get all the cells removed and a better sample taken. She even said nothing looked really bad to her. The treatment was fine didn't bother me at all. The doctor said he couldn't see anything but the results will tell us. 

I feel terrified. Not confident it'll come back.ok. Feel guilty about causing upset to family.if it's bad news. My 5 yyr old is so sensitive, it would be to much.for him. I'm already worrying about my 2 yr old never rremembering me. My husband finding someone to be with forever and not me. Can't tell my mum as she'll have a worse meltdown than myself! Don't know how you just get through 6 week?  Been hours but feels like a lifetime 

Hey Hun, please don't worry, I've got severe changes in my gladular cells and had a colposcopy today and should get my results back in 2 weeks also I've got an ultrasound next week. Don't panic I know how you feel I have a 7 and a 4 year old x

Hi sthorne,
Just like you I had Lltez for CIN 3 when I was about 23 ish - I also have 2 small boys now and due for colposcopy in the next couple of weeks for high grade dyskaryosis and high risk HPV.  
Keep us posted on your results - is it a 6 week wait for results?
sending hugs xx

Yes said they say 4 weeks but more realistically 6. To be honest I want to longer hoping it's not urgent. Find it frustrating as I did everything I should have. Was clear for 8 years so why now is it severe after 3 years! I have to stop myself sobbing when I'm with my boys or husband. Just don't feel positive about the result. The worse experience I've had to go through. Let me know how u get on. This forum helps you to feel less alone as people understand your feelings x

Thanks for the replies x