I'm a newbie (children mentioned)

Hi, just signed up today!

After having abnormal smear I was sent for a colposcopy where she told me I had cin3,  took 3 biosies, I was called back on 16/03 to be told I have cc, and to be quite honest I already knew .. don't ask me how but my body was telling me something wasn't right and I knew what it was, I've explained this to my key worker and she said a few people have felt like this ..its been 8 days that's felt like 8 years!

I had my mri scan yesterday which was fine and was happy with how easy it was after hearing people go on about it being scary, well after being told the c word I was quite grateful to be stuck in a tunnel for a few minutes!

I'm 31 and have two beautiful children aged 9&7, and an amazing fiancee who has totally surprised me :) I haven't told my children yet although my oldest is asking questions I've just told him that I have a bad tummy and need to go for checks as being a woman is not just plain sailing, I laugh and joke a lot and make it light hearted as at the moment I don't know what's next and I want to be able to tell him the plan and answer his questions before blurting it out.

I'm so thankful that it's all happened so quick even though it's felt like too long, the waiting is worse than the knowing I find.  I'm on auto pilot and forgetting the simplest of things! Mdt meeting is tomorrow so I'm hoping to hear after that, anyone got a rough idea of how long after mdt til I can know what stage/plan is please? I have been looking on this site for a few days but not really a sharing kind of person but I have to say the info I have got already is incredible! !

Thank you x

Hi Meg :-)

Welcome to the forum, sorry for your diagnosis but you seem to be taking it all in your stride which is a great way to be. You are absolutely right in that the not-knowing is so much worse than the knowing. The blindfold is off now and you can see your enemy :-)

I note that you say you are not really a sharing person and that's fine, I just wanted to say that we are all here for you whenever you want us to be and that I hope your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Be lucky


Thanks tivoli

Any idea how long after mri will I find out what's next ..They have mdt meeting today, or who will contact me or is it all different ? 

My main priority is my children they are my life (as any mam) I really don't want to use the c word but don't want my son who is older hearing it through the grapevine worrying and not telling me, we live in a small town and although I have told close family word always gets out and bad news travels faster than good !

Being strong is all we have, not saying I didn't crumble as I felt my world crash down but it's time to get back up for my kiddies sakes and fight this 

I really appreciate ur time x

Hey there :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis … Well done on keeping strong, it shouldn’t be too long until you know your plan of action.
After my MDT meeting I actually had an appointment with my consultant scheduled to discuss treatment, I think this was a week or so later… However I did contact my nurse before hand to ask about my MRI results and she let me know over the phone a couple of days later … So maybe worth giving her a call?

Take Care
Em xx

Hello again Meg :-)

"Being strong is all we have" I like that! I like that a lot! You have obviously got your head around this very quickly indeed, no doubt being a parent has helped you to think on your feet.

Is your nine-year-old big enough to hear the c-word if it is explained that some variants are less scary than others and the kind that mum has is the kind that lots and lots of people get better from? Or do we not want to say that kind of stuff this early?

I'm afraid I cannot answer your question about the speed at which the next steps happen, partly because I am in Greece and partly because I went from not-a-care-in-the-world to radical hysterectomy in nine days. Whoosh! Are those my feet?

All the very best


Thanks EmJess my key nurse has said she may get minutes and will let me know asap , or it could go back to my local hospital to colposcopy clinic leader as they may start the ball rolling from there :) I will ring her tomorrow as it's driving me mad, I have painted half the house today!! If I know what I hope too I will be back in work next week I hope . Thank you xx

Hey tivoli, we have quite a few family members and close friends that have lost their fight I just don't want him to think the worst, I had a chat with him before bed and just said that I had some bloods taken and I'm having a scan on my belly as being a woman and having different bits in my belly they can cause problems so I may need an op to fix it, my main concern has been him hearing the c word and not telling me he's heard it and worrying to himself that would break me :( he's a mammys boy and knows something ain't right but hopefully I've reassured him a little and kept him in the loop enough for now , my girl is 7 and doesn't really know much about it she don't really pay much attention she's in her own little innocent world and ill keep it like that for now :) 

Never knew I could be lost in my own body, but I just need to know .. oh gosh 9 days that sure is radical ! What was your recovery like? Hope u don't mind me asking , 

I've been given a file of info but never get chance to read it I'm going to sit down tomorrow and study :) 

Thank you for your help xx

Hi Meg,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Yes, I can imagine it's a totally different kettle of fish if you've had other family members lose the fight and I can quite see why you want to tread carefully in the presence of your son.

I don't mind you asking at all! That is exactly what I am here for. My body didn't like the radical hysterectomy very much and I remained in hospital for another couple of weeks after the op before my digestive system began working properly again. Things are quite different here because I live on an island and the hospital is on the mainland, so once you are at the hospital you are kept there until you are fully well again. But, once I'd got over that first hurdle my recovery has been steady ever since. If you haven't already far too much to read and it's of any interest I have written up the whole story here; (it's rather long though!)


Be lucky :-)



I've had a letter for what I think is consultation on Wednesday :) get things going!

I've mentioned a few things to kids about having an op and ill be fine after few days, I've made a laugh and a joke with them that maybe ill ask for a tummy tuck so I can in a bikini for holidays so they had a giggle :) 

I'll have a read through that now xx