New and terrified

Hi, this is the first time I've posted to an online forum so its a little daunting.  I was diagnosed with CC last week and have been reading the different posted in the forum for the past few days - you are all amazing and hearing about the different experiences make me feel so much stronger and less alone in this so thank you.  I'm still waiting to find out my stage (PET tomorrow and MRI next week) and it feels like it is taking ages.  Waiting really is the worst thing and with all of this time, my mind is going into overdrive and am now thinking the worst and have cried pretty much solidly for two days.  I know its daft and I need to wait and see what the doctors say but I'm finding this all so difficult.  

I guess I wanted to say thank you for the different posts I've read so far, they really do help,  but I have a few questions I wondered if anyone had any experience of knowledge of that could help calm me down a little.  It feels like the time between first meeting the Dr and my MRI is going to be ages (2.5 weeks), but how long do you normally need to wait for the results of these tests?  Can things get worse in that time (does it grow or change that quickly?)  I read somewhere that if the cancer is more advanced, it is visable without the tests they are looking to perform - is that true? I"m only in my early 30's and we haven't started a family yet but Dr told me that it was unlikely they would be able to save my fertility - does that mean I'm more advanced?  Honestly - my mind is going crazy with trying to second guess what is going on inside me and what stage I'm at - its not good :(.  I started out feeling fairly positive that this could be beaten but am now just so scared.  My husband has been so supportive and tells me to take it one step at a time and not to worry to much about these things until we know more but I just can't stop thinking about it all.

I'm sorry if these really are silly questions to ask just now but thank you for any help or reassurance you can give me.



So sorry that you have found yourself in this position but you really have come to the best forum. I was diagnosed on August 21st and was staged on September 16th as 1B1. I had always had normal smears and went to my GP because of abnormal spotting in between my period.  What is the background to your diagnosis?

Waiting for results is definitely the worst part of all this as you automatically fear the worst! I know I did. Yes I was told by my consultant that if it is further advanced than stage 1, then it is visible during the biopsy/LLETZ procedure. I am going to have a hysterectomy on October 15th HOWEVER my consultant did say to me that if i wanted to preserve my fertility, then there was another option. i am sure one of the other girls will be along soon to comment who did opt for an alternative treatment.

Big hugs. Think positive xxx


Hi there

So sorry you are in this position, but very glad you have found us all.  

It took 2 weeks for my MRI so the wait is fairly normal.  Your results appointment will depend on when your hospital hold their MDT meetings. This is where lots of specialists get into one room and discuss all cases.  So if you have your MRI on a wednesday and they hold there MDT on a Tuesday it may take a week or 10 days for results.  Different in different hospitals though.  

In regards to fertility sparing treatments, DO NOT lose hope. It depends on which hospital you are at in terms of how keen they are to do fertility sparing treatments.  If in doubt you are entitled to a second opinion. I have honestly heard terrible stories of people not being told about other fertility sparing options or being discouraged.  

To give you some background I had 1B1 Squamas cell cancer which was small and superficial but poorly differentiated (more aggresive) and I was a prime candidate for a trachelectomy.  This is where they remove your cervix and put in a stitch to support pregnancy. I am now 8 months post op and am actively trying to conceive with the approval of my consultant.

Also, cervical cancer is supposed to be a very, very slow growing cancer so a few weeks isn't likely to make any difference.   

Have you had a Lletz already or just punch biopsies?  Any questions feel free to message 

Hugs x

Hi there.

Sorry to hear you are going through this. It certainly is not easy. I know from my experience the waiting for the tests, results and appointments was the hardest thing. So much is out of your control and your mind does go into overdrive and it is easy to fear the worst. Try and stay positive, and have faith that the doctors will do everything they can to get you through this and hopefully preserve your fertility.

Try not to stress about the long wait till MRI. I was about the same and did question them with this and was told around 2 weeks is standard for "urgent". The main thing is they have found it and things are under way. I no it feels like forever but do try aand keep yourself busy. Treat yourself to a day out here and there. Post surgery there is a lot of down time so make the most of getting out and about. Keep that mind busy and focused on the positive.


Goodluck for tomorrow and the weeks ahead xx









Hi there Fergs,

Sending you a great big hug
The waiting for results is definitely the worst part, it just seems to drag on and on and on, but once you have heard your results and your treatment plan, everything starts moving forwards and you will feel so much better. Do ask about a trachelectomy as that does seem to be the best option for preserving fertility, though this is one area I know precious little about. This is a slow growing bast**d and it won't be careering round your body in the short space of time you must wait until treatment is underway. The women here are all marvellously supportive so ask all the questions you have right here on this forum and stay away from Google completely.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you to you all, your messages have been such a help - fingers crossed for next week and that we've caught this early enough.  I'll definitely ask about the Trachelectomy treatment if we are early enough for it to be an option.  

Tivoli - you are so right, Google is the worst thing you can do in this situation (even other trusted cancer charity sites completely freaked me out).

Stay stong ladies x

Hi Fergs83,

Sounds like I'm in a similar spot as you right now... The waiting is the worst. My fingers are crossed for you for next week!!!

Thanks for your first post and the ladies responses as it answered some questions for me too.

All the best Fergs83 ox