I need to have a hysterectomy - looking for experiences

Hi Ladies

I have been told by my consultant that I need to have a hysterectomy.

I was first diagnosed with cc in November 2015 and had a lletz procedure first of all, followed by a cone biopsy. The result from the cone biopsy showed that the cancer had been removed with clear margins.

I then fell pregnant In February 2016. My check up was due in June but because I was pregnant it was deferred to January 2017 which was 3 months pp.

So I had my check up in January. The results showed severe changes again. The consultant advised that I now need to have a hysterectomy and I went for MRI scan yesterday to see if I’ll be able to keep my ovaries or not.

So now just waiting on being called back to the consultant to discuss the results and type of hysterectomy I will have.

I am 29 and now have two children so there is no issue that I won’t be able to have any more children but I am scared of the pain and immobility after the operation and the after effects including what sex will be like.

For those of you that have had a hysterectomy I’d really like to hear your story and your experience if you’d like to share please.

Thank you x


Hi, I had a radical hysterectomy on 25th Nov. It all happened quite quickly for me. MRI early stage cc 1b1. I had to wait about a month or so before my op. My original plan was to leave my ovaries but to also moved the pelvic lymph nodes (I wasn't fussed about the ovaries as I have 2 teens) but on the day of the op he told me they would removed them as ovarian cancer is a silent one and as they were removing everything else and they would take them.

As for the op not going to lie if your not scared it's a miracle. I was worried about the pain. I had a reaction to something they gave me so I felt quite sick after the op, that was the big one. I dont like to take medicine and they hook you to a morphine drip which you press as needed. I was worried that if I used it I would feel sick so I stuck to just having paracetamol as often as I could and I was fine with that. I never needed anything stronger. I stayed in hospital for 4 days and was so glad to get home. I was up and down the stairs but that was about it. You do need to do absolutely nothing for 6 weeks, I suggest a few box sets. I was probably a bit slow at pushing myself to walk far that was probably about the 3rd week for me when I start going for short strolls trying to go a bit further. I think you just need to go with what you feel up to your body will let you know.

I am now 4 months on and going on long walks, back at the gym doing gentle exercises and feel fine. I still have a slight numbness in top of my thighs which is from the removal of the nodes and should go in time and feel pretty good. 

Try and have help if you can, my mom stayed for almost two weeks. Just make sure you rest and you'll be fine. We are so lucky that there are these options for treatment. 

Good luck :)

Thank you JSR4, how long is it before you're able to have a bath/shower?


I had a radical hysterectomy in december last year,I was in hospital 4 days they couldnt get my pain relief right so I was in longer. Some ladies I was in with were out the next day,which I think is a bit too soon but its whatever is good for you. I was in the shower two days after the op,they get you up and moving as soon as possible and the walking really helps with the wind!

Recoverery I thought was ok I was at a funeral a week later! I didnt walk too far but I could potter about the house no problem,back walking the dog by week 3 and back at work week 4. I think the worst part was having the catheter in for 10 days soon as that was out I felt great. I was tired sooner than normal but it was defiantly manageable. I have numbness in my groin from he lymph nodes being taken out but thats a small price to pay!

I was fit before. the op so I really think that helped with my recovery also I pushed myself with the walking each day,not far but i made sure I moved around.

Im sure you will be Ok stay off google!


Hi, they asked me if I wanted a shower the next morning my answer was no thanks! I showered before leaving the hospital and once home it was about 5 days! It was hard but my reason was the drain site hadn't been stitched or glue so I had an open area which was covered with a dressing but I wanted to keep it dry. They should have glued it but no one knew how. I only had the cath in for 4 days. They wouldn't let me leave till it was out. If you feel up to it you can shower as normal but I don't think you can bath for awhile. :)

Hi I'm in much the same boat been diagnosed with 1b1 adenocarcinoma  cc and just been told this morning  I've to get a radical Hysterectomy I'm terrified. I'm a mum of 2 I've got a 13 year old and an 11 month old. Also I'm getting married at the beginning of August. Worried about recovery time. I did think about changing the date of the wedding but everything is almost sorted and hoping it will give me the motivation to get better. 

Hi amyleah :-)

At 29 you should bounce back really quite happily from a hysterectomy. I had mine at 50 and although some complications with my intestines kept me in hospital for a couple of weeks post op, my general fitness came back within the standard sixish weeks as far as I recall. Sex will definitely be different. Your uterus provides some interesting inertia during intercourse and you will notice its absence but that in itself is not the end of the world and I know very many women who are still happily bonking, one of whom has now turned 70 but who's hysterecomy was about 40 years ago. My sex life has sadly become a casualty but for a host of different reasons, a straightforward hysterectomy should not be an issue for you.

Be lucky :-)

Hi amyleah, from reading these seems we all can have slightly different experiences but I’ll add mine in too for you. I just had radical last week and was out two days later, I have catheter for hopefully no more than ten days, am in discussions about getting it out as they want it in longer than I do!!
I was very scared pre op but it’s the unknown, but just believe they will do the best for you that’s what they are there for. I wanted to keep ovaries but accepted if they saw something that may not be possible. However I managed to keep them so one less battle.
My advice would be to get someone to visit you in hospital as much as they can and you can. My husband had to look after the baby but I would have liked to have someone there more to be on my side and help out! My nurses made me shower day 1 but then I didn’t refuse day 2 I just kept putting it off till they left me alone and then I came home :slight_smile:

You’ll be ok honestly, it’s crap I won’t lie but every day that goes by is a day towards recovery and don’t forget everyone wants best outcome for you xx good luck.


I had a radical hysterectomy. I was in the hospital for 3 days and 2 night. The first night at the hospital was bad had alot of gas pains. But once those passed i was fine. When i went home i didnt have any pain. The only thing i didnt like was the catheter i had for 7 days. But other then that not as bad as i thought it would be. But listen to your doctor and take it easy for 4 to 6 weeks and no heavy lifting. Good luck :-)