Awaiting Hysterectomy (Children Mentioned)

Hi there


I am new to this site - well, it's taken me a while to write something anyway!

I was diagnosed with CC last month from an abnormal smear, despite having a normal smear 3 years ago. At the time of diagnosis I was terrified of not knowing what stage I was at and what the future would hold - I have 2 young children and the thought of not seeing them grow up was too much to think about.


I've now had the results of the scans and been staged at 1a, so weirdly I've gone from feeling hopeless to actually feeling relieved, almost to the point of forgetting that I actually still have cancer! The rollercoaster of emotions are incredible on this journey.


So anyway I'm having a laparascopic hysterectomy on 20/08/13, and am unsure as of what to expect after - yet another stage of the journey to experience.


I've been reading through some posts and pretty much everyone goes through the same/similar emotions to me, so I don't feel alone. Thank you everyone for helping us stay positive and supported



Welcome :)

I've recently been diagnosed too and am the same stage as you and am due to have a cone biopsy as my treatment at the end of Aug as they think (or at least hope!) that they already fully removed the cancerous cells during the LLETZ. I'm sure you'll find some ladies on here who have had the same treatment as you so will be able to give you some idea of what to expect.

Good luck with your hysterectomy - keep us updated!

Sophie xxx


welcome also, i was diagnosed in June and am also having a RH in the next few weeks.  so i understand completely what you're going through.  i remember almost feeling like celebrating after my MRI came back all clear.


Hello :slight_smile:

I was also the same stage as you and had a radical Trachelectomy last month.

I was like you - the thing I found hardest was that I had cancer but felt completely normal (apart from the crazy emotions!)

My op isn’t the same as yours - so I can’t give much advice following it although it’s probably similar?

I was in hospital for 5 days altogether… That was a day longer than expected because the general anaesthetic sent my stomach to sleep!
When I woke up I had a few tubes coming out of me - I’m glad the ladies on here warned me I would of been abit worried!
There was a drain for my lymph fluid, my catheter and my cannula for my drip and morphine.
All were taken out gradually and before I went home!

Have you been given a list of things to take in with you?

All I would say is whilst you’re in there listen to your body!! I think I slept for the first 2 days straight! … Was quite unwelcoming at visiting time!!

Take care - stay strong, you can do this :slight_smile:

Em xx

Hi Em

I haven't received any letter yet - just a phone call from the hospital telling me my surgery date, letter in the post apparently. Apart from peppermint tea, prune juice and Bridget Jones knickers I'm not sure what else I need!!!

I stopped working this week as I find I'm too tired and angry to concentrate - I work as a paramedic and do nights only so it was getting all a bit much So I'm taking it a bit easy now in preparation.

I'm dreading the recovery as I remember after my C-Section it was ages before I could walk about normally, and I don't do sitting around well!

Hope you're doing well


Helen x

Strange feeling isn't it?! Good luck with your RH


Thanks Sophie and good luck to you too

Helen x

Hi Helen, 

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. It really wasn't as bad as I though it was going to be. The recovery is much quicker than open surgery. As Em said I also slept a lot for 2 days afterwards but it is important that you get out of bed for a walk around and to have a shower etc.  When I came round I had a catheter and was hooked up to the observation machine and had a canula. I was in hospital for 3 nights. I could have been home in 2 nights but was sick on the 3rd day so they kept me in to keep an eye on me.  You will feel weak when you get home. It's really important to rest when you need to but also important to keep mobile, gentle short walks to begin with. Also wear your DVT socks. Eat well and keep hydrated. 4 weeks post op and I feel better every day. I've upped my exercise to an hours walking every day and today I drove again which I was delighted about, ha ha. But these little milestones are great as I could not have done that 4 weeks ago. 
I bought loads of peppermint tea to the hospital but I didn't have any trapped wind. Though I think lots of people do, so take it. I did have swelling, but it's all gone now. It took a couple of weeks to go completely, though I know this is different for everyone. The beauty of laparoscopic surgery is that my incision marks from surgery are so tiny. They are barely noticeable. So your recovery should be easier than your C Section. But you should be careful as on the outside you will look fine but remember you will have a lot of internal healing to do. I would also bring lots to read with you and I also brought my iPad. I took nighties rather than PJ's to hospital and that was a good move as it made it easier for the catheter and there was no waist band across my tummy. One thing that sticks in my mind is that they were forever sticking a monitor in ear and taking my temperature, lol. Sometimes I'd be half asleep and wake up with someone sticking a thermometer in my ear, so don't be alarmed if this happens. The doctors and nurses were all really lovely!
I went through rollercasters of emotions and worry. 4 weeks post surgery i can honestly say Im doing great.  Good luck, you can do this.  We are all here for you. Keep us informed on how you are doing. Tess xxx 

Thanks Tess, this is really useful. I'm packing my hospital bag with peppermint tea and nighties!

I'm feeling strangely calm about tomorrow, maybe it'll hit me in the morniing.

Hope your recovery is still going well

Helen x