Hysterectomy at 29 - advice please

Hi all,
I have a hysterectomy booked in for 7th September, removing my cervix, womb and fallopian tubes, leaving my ovaries. I am having this because I was diagnosed with CGIN 1a1 cervical cancer following a Lletz procedure. I have had a cone biopsy and this confirmed that I still had pre cancer cells on the margins.
I have seen two different consultants and feel like I have been given very different advice.

I feel very confused and feel like I haven’t actually been given any advice for what to do pre hysterectomy and what to do post hysterectomy.

I joined the hysterectomy sisters group on Facebook and feel very overwhelmed and scared.

If anyone can give me any advice I would most appreciate it.

Thank you

I’ve had radical hysterectomy a year ago for 1a2 - I was 32. Any questions just fire away :relaxed:

I have never posted on here before but I just wanted to reassure you. I was diagnosed with 1b1 CC adenocarcinoma in January and had my radical hysterectomy in February. I was so very anxious and never thought I would cope with the surgery and the recovery. However I followed all my consultant’ s advice for recovery. I took the time physically and emotionally to heal. I was lucky and needed no further treatment. My recovery has been good and six months later I feel well. I’m taking all advice for coping with the menopause and I have found this site so amazing. I wish you well and know that your consultant will know exactly what to do in order to help and support you and your recovery. Im older than you at 48 so my fertility wasn’t an issue but honestly the hysterectomy wasn’t anywhere near as dreadful as I had imagined. I’m just grateful to be here and able to give support to others who are just starting their journey. Take care


How is your surgery being done - ?keyhole sugery ?open surgery - it makes a difference in what to expect post hysterectomy. Will you be having pelvic lymph nodes removed?


I had my hysterectomy 5 weeks ago for CGIN cancerous cells - I’m 39. If I can help please shout xx

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your replies.

I am due to have keyhole surgery. I saw the surgeon 3 weeks ago who said he would do keyhole surgery and remove my cervix, womb and fallopian tubes. He didn’t mention lympnodes. I will add this to my list of questions though.

We’re you all given more information at your pre op? Information on what to take to hospital and what to expect when I come round.

The recovery states me more then the actual surgery.

Thanks all

I had keyhole and had the same removed as you. I had no issues with lymph nodes so I can’t comment on that
The pre op was fantastic for me, very through health check and leaflets which explained things really well.
I was the same, I was more worried about the general anaesthetic and the recovery than the op itself but it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought xx


I had keyhole surgery; I was only in for one night and against advice went home on public transport (my husband was with me) then walked (very slowly) nearly a mile to my house.

I was offered an epidural prior to my op but refused; I didn’t have a lot of pain post op - the painkillers I was given worked fine and I stopped taking them within about 3 days of the op.

I took a soft bra because I don’t like being braless but thought my usual underwired one would be too harsh.

I was sent home with an indwelling urethral catheter and fortunately had very loose trousers with me which easily accommodated the catheter tube plus the urine bag attached to my leg.

Generally my recovery was OK; I was a bit squeamish when it came to removing the dressings covering my keyhole wounds so I got an appointment with my GP practice nurse to help. The only real problem I had was my bladder didn’t recover well in the long term but it seems I was exceptionally unlucky in that respect. Also it turned out I needed further treatment but as your cancer is very small I would think you have an extremely good chance of a surgical cure.

Best wishes