I had LLETZ a year ago but my cervix is still painful at times

A year ago I received LLETZ to remove abnormal cells. There were a few complications as the wound did not heal properly and I experienced heavy bleeding a few weeks later. The wound was cauterised again and it healed after a few months. That being said, even to this day, I still have severe pain at times, a raw and burning feeling on the cervix, which can happen randomly for no reason, or also after sex and during my period, but luckily with no bleeding in between periods. I am suffering with the pain at the moment and it affects my ability to walk normally or lift heavy objects. I have been to the doctor this week and they think I have a fungal infection, so have taken a swab and prescribed me a pessary treatment. I will see if this helps clear things up but I feel that the problem is more ongoing than that and it doesn’t feel as though I have thrush. I will wait to see how I feel in a few days, but would really like the doctor to refer me for a proper check up at colposcopy, though I have to admit I don’t feel as though I’m being listened to. Does anybody else still experience pain in their cervix a year after their treatment? Are there any helpful remedies for the pain or useful tips to try and get a referral from the GP?


I’ve just posted to say I have pain when weeing since I had Lletz. It isn’t very severe but wasn’t present before. I had my lletz in May but also have had anal fissure ( just had a horrible op on that) . I don’t think there’s any connection

I did have a UTI after lletz though. Going to mention the pain at my test of cure end of November but I suspect they won’t really know why. There are nerves in that area so that might be an explanation for both of us ?

I’ve been checked by the GP and the test showed no infection. Pain is worse after sex. It doesn’t sound as severe as yours, however

Hi, sorry to hear that you have been suffering too since the Lletz and to have the other op on top of that must have been horrendous, I hope you recover soon. I also find peeing uncomfortable at times, and have to drink a lot more water since having the treatment, as my wee burns most days and it never used to before the Lletz. I’ve also started drinking natural cranberry juice to help relieve the stinging so that might help you? The pessary treatment did clear the infection and I can walk again, but even now, I’d say I feel a twinge from the cervix most days and it gets worse towards my period and after sex. The doctor could not find any scarring, but as you say there are nerve endings in that area, and they may have been left more exposed since the Lletz? If I still feel pain in the new year, I will go back to the doctor to investigate more. Take care and I wish you all the best for your 6 month check up. Xx

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I feel that my pain is to do with the scar as it is obvious when I look ( I have a speculum) that it is very red in places.
I’ll update …