Hysterectomy questions

Hi, I will be having a radical hysterectomy/ lymph node removal on Tuesday. Nothing was mentioned at my pre assessment, and I forgot to ask, but will I bleed afterwards? Will I need to take sanitary towels in with me?

Hi Susie, I took loads in with me but I never bled at all.

good luck for Tuesday X

I didn't bleed either, although my doc said there may be some spotting. Wouldn't hurt to have a pack with you in case. Good luck. 

I think I used a couple of pads, certainly not a lot

Be lucky :-)

Thanks all, I'll take a pack just in case x

I didn't bleed either

hello, i dont remember bleeding after the surgery. there was a bit of a flow due to the operation but i didnt have to use pad. hope all goes well darling! have a speedy recovery! remember to pray and keep a positive attitude ;) get loads of rest! xxx