Bleeding post Surgery


has anyone experienced bleeding post surgery, i didn't have any any for 2 weeks but it seems to have picked up a lot in the last week. i spoke to a staff nurse and she seemed non too plussed by it (something about a blood pool)but still i think its more than i expected.  my hysterectomy was done robotically so not sure if that adds to this.

woud appreciate any comments



Hi Pat
I had my rad hyst a week before you, but by abdominal incision. I was really surprised as I bought loads of pads expecting the worst, but I only bled for the first two days and nothing since. So not sure if this is related to the type of surgery. When I went to my GP for cystitis, they really didn’t seem to have any idea about the op or the after effects- are you able to contact your consultant to confirm all is ok?

Hi Pat,
If you are worried at all about heavy bleeding post op I believe it’s best to get it checked out. Infections are fairly common and I ended up with one following my hysterectomy ( only symptom being heavy bleeding) so whilst your bleeding might be perfectly 'normal" if you are worried my advice would be get a second opinion from your doctor.

Best wishes Stargazing x

Thanks ladies,
I have my “results” appt tomorrow so will mention it then. It seems to have eased off but not stopped.And i do think this is a result of it being a laparoscopic procedure rather than abdominally.