Hysterectomy Bleeding

Hello Forum, I had my total vaginal hysterectomy 3.5 weeks ago.
It was mainly keyhole procedure but they had to do a partial open cut above the belly button to get a better view.
I feel that I’ve recovered quite well from the Op, I’m back working from home (desk job) and I’m not lifting or bending etc…
My question is around bleeding. They informed me that they sew up the top of the Vagina but leave a small gap for any blood to come out of should it start to collect (rather than having a drain), so i may experience some bleeding. I didnt have any bleeding at all the first couple of weeks so thought I would be ok. However last week (so start of week 3) I started to have some pinkish/red blood when going to the toilet.
I’ve read online this can happen for up to 6 weeks, i was just a little worried that it started at week 3.
Has anyone else had Vaginal Hysterectomy and experienced bleeding at all? If so, how long did it last?

I’m 11 was post total hysterectomy- very similar I didn’t really bleed until around 2.5 / 3 weeks which continued until around 6 weeks x

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Thanks for your reply LouiseS, it seems on the internet as well it’s pretty “normal”. I was just slightly worried because I was ok for the first couple of weeks. I did speak to the GP too and they said not to worry it’s pretty normal as long as not heavy or clots (which it isn’t). Just panicking slightly as I get married in 2.5weeks so was hoping it will be stopped by then (which will be 6 weeks!)
Fingers crossed.
Hope you’re recovering well x

That’s how I was, always makes you worry doesn’t it - hopefully it’ll become very light soon in time for your wedding - I found really resting helped

I’m still having some ouch moments but getting there :smiling_face: x