Bleeding Post Trach

I had my abdominal trachelectomy just over 6 weeks weeks ago but I am still bleeding a small amount. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I haven’t done any strenuous exercise so not sure if it is just still healing. The blood is mostly dark but some pinkish in colour and it does not smell offensive. It is quite light so I don’t believe it is my period as when I had them before they were quite painful and normal to heavy flow.
I was on the pill up until the day before my surgery. The consultant told me I would be fine to continue taking it but the days I was in hospital I forgot so I just thought I may as well stop to give my body time to recover. I was on the mini pill for around 2 years so didn’t get a period or a fake one like the normal pill.
Last week I thought the bleeding was subsiding a lot and it did stop for a day so I presumed it was kind over. Now I am thinking I will be back to pads instead of liners. In the grand scheme of things having this is a small issue but just wondered if it is normal. x

Hi! I think i had some sort of bleeding for 2 months after trach. I also cancelled my pill before operation, and had my period 28 days after. It's absolutely painless since, though before operation it was painful


hope this helps!

Hi lianaM

Aw thank you for the advice. I asked the consultant when I went in to talk about getting the trach and all he said was discharge or bleeding for a few weeks so I was worrying that it was still going. I actually went to the nurse today at my dr practice and spoke to her about it and she thinks it is probably due to coming off the pill and to just get back in touch if it is heavy or doesn't stop in a while. I have some pains near the edges of my incision (I had a bikini incision so one long line) I dunno if that is just due to healing. I also have had pain almost where my pubic bone is but on the inside. Did you have any of these issues? Otherwise I am happy that I am feeling more back to normal.x

Ha, I realize only now (almost 1.5 years after the op) that only now I start feeling no pains there. Not that I suffered - i got back to yoga 3 months after, and got back to heavier sport 6 montsh after - but there was always something, here and there. My doctor said to me that all the pains that "come and go" are to ignore, i understand that he knew what he was talking about only now

Aw that makes me feel a lot better, I was worrying I had done something and hurt myself without knowing! It is hard when you can't see the healing going on the inside. x

Still bleeding and now nearly 8 weeks is this normal? Bright red not heavy x