Post Trachelectomy Bleeding


I'm new to posting and after countless hours of reading through everyone else's posts I just wondered if anybody had info about post op bleeding. I had a trachelectomy and lymph node removal 5 weeks ago and started bleeding again. This is the second time since my operation I've experienced heavy bleeding.The bleeding is heavy and seems constant. Is this normal? And, how long does it go on?

thanks in advance.

Hey Sazzy:

Heavy, constant bleeding is not normal - call your doctor. Some light spotting is normal - pinkish and getting less and less - but heavy bleeding is not. You may have been doing too much and opened an internal stitch or some such crap, so call your doctor first thing.  

take care

love t xx


I had bleeding stop and then start again I think in total for 6-8 weeks. Mine wasn't overly heavy though. Hope you manage to get an appointment to get it checked xx

Thank you ladies

I spoke with my McMillan nurse this morning who's going to speak with my consultant. It's difficult to know what to expect when everyone has such different experiences, also, I've found very few doctors really know much about the op. Thank you both for your responses x