PV bleeding 3 weeks postop

Hi Ladies

just wondered if anyone else experienced this:

i had heavy Pv bleeding on Friday 3 weeks postop (radical hystorectomy and lymphnodes removed) I was really anxious as was quite heavy with clots. I was admitted and had internal scan, it seem to settle they gave me an antibiotic and to go back Thursday to see how it is. I still have some bleeding, is this normal? I didn't have any bleeding after surgery, really worried now. Maybe I was doing to much, I had a wee walk day before it happened nothing strenuous.


lesley x

Hi Lesley :-)

Seeing that picture of you I feared you had been lifting a baby, which is definitely too much post hysterectomy.

If you have honestly had only a wee walk then I'd be surprised if that were to trigger anything after three weeks. You did the right thing going straight round to see the doctor because for medical matters he is much better qualified than this forum.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Tivoli

i know what your saying, I haven't lifted my wee one yet she is 22month now and much heavier, that photo was a year ago. Not sure when I will be able to lift her it's so frustrating relying on help just now and not sure how much longer I will get help. The bleeding settled but has now started again yesterday not as bad though, just worrying were it's coming from, why it's happening. I'm going to get checked tomorrow so fingers crossed get to the bottom of it (pardon the pun). 


lesley x