Panicking post trach!

I am wondering if anyone has any advice or maybe just need to get this off my chest as I am in a blind panic.

pre trach was on the pill for years and years always regular periods always fine and not heavy. After my lletz I had a period and it was extremely heavy literally came on all of a sudden massive clots and I lost a lot of blood and panicked and felt really sick. I now think that is because they took so much of my cervix away at the lletz and basically there was nothing to hold it in - sorry to be so blunt.

post trach I was on the pill and everything ok for the first year or so, then when I got to the last pill I would start to bleed for a couple of days then stop then get my period.

the docs changed my pill and first 2 months were ok, a bit of spotting and a period as normal.

cue my panic now, I missed one pill, took the next one the next day and my period started anyway (even though it had only been a week and a bit since my last one).

not impressed but was bareable, except today all of a sudden it's gone very heavy very quick with massive clots (sorry I know it's disgusting) and I am having a panic attack and too scared to leave the house in case I'm in a mess. 

How is this even possible! It's not my period time and I've got the stitch in! My next appointment is next month which obviously I need to chase up but I'm also too frightened to drive or leave the house! 

Should I be worried (more than I already am!) 

Hi tinkerbell

im hoping you are doing ok? Did you call your dr and ask what he suspects this heavy bleeding is? Do push that appointment closer. 

sending big hugs your way. 

Hi lolli,

I went to my doctors and they didn't have a clue what to do with me! They have never heard of a trachelectomy so I had to explain to them what it was which I think is a bit ridiculous :/

they have put me on the mini pill now and the bleeding has subsided so fingers crossed! 

Thank you for the reply :) x