Periods following radical trachelectomy

Hi All
I had a radical trachelectomy last September & got the all clear. However, since having the op my periods have become heavier and more painful. Prior to the op I never suffered with period pains but each month it seems to be getting worse and had to have yesterday off work.
Apologies for the next bit, when I’m on my period it feels like any slightest squeeze of my muscles for a #1 or 2 that something is going to give way and have a fairly constant pain/ ache in my lower abdomin. Once my period has finished both go away.
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I being super paranoid??

I have mentioned it at my check ups and the registrar didn’t seem too concerned or interested, I think he just put it down as a normal thing.

Hi Nic I had a trachelectomy last February and I don't have the same issues as you but mine have definitely changed since. 


I've always had slight period pain but nothing major now I have really bad back pain almost to the point of tears but just when I have a period. I have also mentioned it to my consultant but they are not concerned at all.


i think the operation being such a big thing must just effect people in different ways. i have come to accept that this is just my norm now :/


best wishes x 

Hi ladies :-)

Having grown up with nothing significant in the way of period pains I started to get really bad ones. Further investigation concluded that I had hundreds (thousands?) of tiny fibroids all over the inside of my womb. Competely harmless but agony. I found a painkiller that worked and then I would only need to take a couple of hours off work on the morning of the first day of my period while I waited for the painkiller to kick in. This may be totally incidental but I thought it worth sharing.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies, I spoke to the fabulous ladies at Mcmillian & they were great as always & have said if i have concerns to ask to speak to the consultant at my next check up rather than the registrar just to put my mind at ease and recommend a painkiller. I feel a bit silly troubling him with something so minor but will see how next month is!

Thank you so much for reassuring me 


I have what u seem to be explaining too, I’m literally bent over in pain for 1 or 2 days then fine. I try to explain it to people as a heaviness, because that’s how it feels, heavy. Almost like you need a wee but you don’t or that there’s just pressure down there. I’m glad I’m not the only 1, it’s hard to explain how you feel when u can’t compare it to anything you’ve had before!