Unusual pains post trach

HI I am just over 3 months post abdominal trachelectomy. I had my check up 3 weeks ago, waiting on results at the moment. I mentioned to the consultant that I was having random pains down below, she looked a bit concerned. I then said could it be my nerves coming back as the area above and below the incision was still a bit numb and she said yes and that was the end of the conversation. Anyway I wondered if anyone else had pains the pain I am getting is just on the public bone area but inside so that’s just below the middle of my incision, stabbing pains, sharp pains on the left side where my ovary would be I think and sometimes pain which feels like it is up inside the vagina. I am really worried this means it has spread and they just don’t realise as I have had no scans at all during my treatment. I had EUA/cone biopsy, x ray, trach and then the check up.

Any advice would be welcome. Also it isn’t psychological and it happens at least once a day since about week 6 after the trach. Thanks x

Sorry I can't help but hope you get this sorted quickly :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi misstel,

 i cant be of too much help, what I can say though is I had my trach (keyhole) in February 2015 and I get no end of random pains that come and go. 

Just a couple of weeks ago for the first time ever I had a stabbing pain in the side of my womb which I had never had before but luckily I have never had it since.

i have just had another check up on Thursday and they weren't concerned at all, I tell them every time I go I get back pain but they are never worried.

all I can say is I think the op is such a major thing it can do all sorts in all places and a lot of that is just healing X


Thank you for your replies.

Tinkerbell - thank you for the reassurance, that has made me feel a bit better, I am still waiting on my results but away on holday tomorrow so will just try to put it to the back of my mind. Hopefully I will feel a bit better once the results come back onviously if they are good!! Fingers crossed! x

Hi Misstell,

I hope you're enjoying your holiday!

I had my trach done at the end of January and had my first check up with my consultant a few weeks ago - aside from a minor wound infection which he gave me antibiotics for (and seems to have done the trick) I was told that I was healing well.

Since then I've had the same pain internally as you have and I can't work out what it is either! It was accompanied by some slight bleeding and so my mind automatically convinced myself that the cancer had come back. My partner's theory is more rational and seems to make more sense!

As I'm doing a bit more walking and being a bit more active he seems to think it could be scar tissue or slight 'internal pulling' causing some pain as my body is getting used to working in a way that it hasn't before and now there is probably scar tissue build up of some kind it might be making it sore internally.

It's a weird and uncomfortable feeling though, I'm sat on the sofa in the living room and I can feel it throbbing away! If I move too sharply then it does bloody hurt a bit! Quite a sharp pain at time! I walked up a steep hill on Saturday and actually gasped out loud because it suddenly just stabbed away with no warning!

I think my partner is probably right and that its probably the internal healing and movement causing some aches and pains so it's probably the case with you as well. But it's just not a nice feeling not knowing and I can't help but think of the worse case scenario now which is normal but just not fun as I would love some peace of mind! I think peace of mind is never fully recovered though even if your internal bit and bobs are :P

I hope you are having a lovely relaxing time and I hope your results come back soon with the news you want.



Hi Gerry

Thank you for your reassuring words. After waiting over 6 weeks I called the hospital and although my dr isn't in they were able to tell me my results are negative. Going to call when dr back to see about next follow up.x