HRT advise

I finished treatment in may and due to see my oncologist doc end of July and scans to follow… how soon did you take hrt? Little nervous about taking it, How did you get it etc was it through normal docs? And prescribed I’m only in my 30s and experiencing hot flushes apart from that doing ok…

I was started on HRT one month after finishing treatment and it was through my GP x

Thanks for your reply, I’ve not started on anything yet, was this straight forward going through ur normal docs to get a prescription straight away? I’m due to see my oncologist this week for a follow up app so I could mention it to her? X

Hi @Amz23 hope you’re keeping well! I got started on HRT last week! I received a call from my clinical nurse specialist following treatment simply for a check up. I was also having hot flushes and night sweats so she made a referral to my GP. I then received a letter from my GP to arrange an appointment to discuss HRT xx

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I’m doing good how’s you? I’ve got my pet scan next week waiting on mri too then results end of month I had a check up they mentioned hrt going through normal docs, was it straight forward at your doctors to get it straight away, how you doing on hrt? Have the hot flushes calmed down I get them more in bed, have you had ur scans yet xx

Yeah I’m doing ok! Have you to get Pet and MRI scans? I had my MRI on Monday and meeting with my consultant on 14 August. I’m feeling a bit anxious about it - just hate all this waiting for results! I’ve only been on the patches a week and can’t say I’ve really noticed much of a difference yet. Yeah so easy! I had a phone appointment with my doctor and had to attend the surgery for a blood pressure check. They also spoke to my consultant as to what one I should be on and then I collected them from the pharmacy xx

Yes pet and mri scans, then after think it be just mris going forward, yes my result day is 31st let me know how yours goes on the 14th please, you should start to see a difference very soon if you started a week ago, I’m going to give my gp a ring after my pet scan next week and get the ball rolling to starting mine, I hate scans I’m dreading them again lol, but needs must, glad ur going ok keep me updated. Xx

Yeah I will do! Yeah hoping to start seeing a difference soon! I’m the same, just need to try and stop overthinking it and just wait and see what the results are! xx

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Everything crossed for you tomorrow keep me updated how it goes. Xx

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