HPV - will my GP have what type I have from smear results?

Hi everyone 

i recently tested positive for HPV but no abnormal cells. 

I am in a new sexual relationship and we have both been tested for every std and I want to know if it is possible to find out which HPV I tested positive for as I would be mortified if I have passed a type on which causes warts in particular without me knowing. I just want all the facts. Will my GP know which strain? 



Yes, it will be in your notes and you can ask them to tell you. I had HPV which was picked up during a routine smear test and they told me which type it was so yes, just ask them and they should hopefully be able to tell you 

Thanks :) I just rang and the nurse said the HPV primary screening only looks for types 16-18 which are the high risk type.

Can i be nosey and ask which type your one was? 

Glad that you got an answer. Mine was type 3 which isn't high risk

oh really? I wonder how they picked that up as type 3 is for flat non genital warts? How long ago was you tested as I am intrigued that I have been told the wrong thing. She said it didnt have what type but that they only test for types 16-18.....confused again now

Type 3 is very small 'grainy' warts that appear on your genitals/cervix. That was 9 years ago now that I was tested. 

ah ok I didn't know that....feel that I am becomming an expert in HPV strains today haha x