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I was just thinking and not sure if I am correct so hoping someone may have an answer. Some of us can fight Hpv off (ie your body creates antibodies) and some of us cannot, hence CIN2+.  CIN2+ is usually treated by a Lletz, which is said to remove the HPV infection. However, if my immune system was not able to fight HPV in the first place (hence CIN2+) isn't it  likely I could be reinfected with an HPV again by my partner? Wouldn't it make sence to get the vaccine after the Lletz too in order to prevent future re-infection? 

Thank you for any of your opinions on this...

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Think you just commented on mine! Im not sure if you can get it as i think you have to be in certain age group to be eligible/for it do anything. Im not 100% sure but i think your body couldve now got rid the virus but it has displayed as cin prior to it going i asked about this saying what about reoccurence didnt seem to get a helpful answer though.

I know what you mean as i was thinking the same. Sorry not really helped but id be interested in others answers.


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no problem :))). 

With regards to the vaccine, there are 2 main types, one is for up to 26 years old and the other up to 45. I asked my gynae about it and he said there was no need (i am 35) unless I fancy my milk man (i found that quite hilarious). I said i did not... But then realized my hubby could have the hpv or if he was to cheat on me (unlikely, but who knows?! I have male colleagues who are married and cheat on their wives and they have no idea...) then he could give me a different strain of hpv (oh the joys of being a woman indeed :))).  That is why I am thinking about getting the vaccine...

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I might found out aswell im 28yrs so thought i was past that vaccine. Well thats it if your current partner had gave it you whats stopping you getting it back? They didnt really say much when i asked about this and reoccurence typical.

I wanted to start a family this year aswell so crap timing!

Hello again :),

we were trying for ages and are on waiting list for a Nhs funded Ivf and when we finally got the letter to be reffered for the Ivf with a hospital of our choice I had the CIN2 diagnosis! The letter said I needed to have a clear smear in order to be eligible for NHS ivf... But my gynaecologist (private one) said I should be 'good to go' in 2 months time (if the biopsy is ok). So looks like I will have to have the Ivf done privately, but oh well, It could be worst..

good luck with your baby making, definitely do not delay it any longer.,.i regret not trying sooner tbh... 


Our paths cross again!


Oh no thats rubbish just depends of you can afford it yourself or if you have to wait. Well good luck with it fingers crossed on both our results. My consultant said if i can wait wait until my follow up smear but if not then soon as i have my results i should also be good to go. Annoying how it all happens at the wrong time i wanted to come off my pill after christmas but got my rubbish news in nov. I dont plan on waiting much longer when im all back to normal in that department.

Keep me posted :)

Hello, the colposcopist advised me that you should then be immune to that strain of hpv once your body is rid of it if it was indeed your partner who passed that particular strain on to you xx

Hello, the colposcopist advised me that you should then be immune to that strain of hpv once your body is rid of it if it was indeed your partner who passed that particular strain on to you xx

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i found moreinfor about the vaccine on wiki:

When Gardasil was first introduced, it was recommended as a prevention for cervical cancer for women that were 25 years old or younger. New evidence suggests that all Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines are effective in preventing cervical cancer for women up to 45 years of age.

In November 2007, Merck presented new data on Gardasil. In an investigational study, Gardasil reduced incidence of HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18-related persistent infection and disease in women through age 45. The study evaluated women who had not contracted at least one of the HPV types targeted by the vaccine by the end of the three-dose vaccination series. Merck planned to submit this data before the end of 2007 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and to seek an indication for Gardasil for women through age 45. 

*******so it can be  effective after all. I know that having vaccine full of mercury is not exactly healthy, bit I would rather that than all these Lletz-es or risking cancer, so will spea to my GP about it :). 


As far as I'm aware the vaccine is only free when given to girls as part of the HPV vaccination programme. Adults can have it but you'll most likely have to pay, and I guess have to be free of HPV (as far as anyone can be aware). I think it only protects against certain high risk strains, but then it's HR-HPV that is linked to abnormailites and CC.

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As with all vaccines there are side effects and risks. Id need to do some more digging but there are quite a few concerning cases around girls that have had the vaccine. One website says that depending which strain of hpv you already had prior to the vaccination it can increase your risk of CC. Think id need to do some more homework first to weigh up pros and cons. Wonder if they can tell you what srain of hpv you had?


Hi Tash,

yes, I agree, every vaccine carries a risk actually (since I have had the Lletz treatment and thus removed the bad cells/hpv, the vaccine should not increase my chances of having CC).

Re HPV, sadly NHS does not tell you what HPV you have/had, I had gone privatelly and paid for the HPV test (i am VERY annoyed Nhs doesnt tell us what hpv we have, as this way I would know if this is a new type I have or the same as 1,5y ago :(((


Read the FAQs on here regarding HPV reinfection. Also, unprotected sex with an infected partner can cause/prolong persistence, according to at least one study. Once you've cleared HPV, or even if you haven't, it is worth getting the Gardasil vaccine (may not help prevent reinfection if it hasn't cleared, though). If you test privately (depending on the test, of course), you can find out your HPV genotype, or at least narrow it down to 16/18 or other high-risk.