HPV Vaccine

I currently have High risk HPV - i recently has a Lletz FOR CIN3 cells. I was wondering that IF I am luckily enough one day to get the all clear from HPV can I get the vaccine to prevent reinfection?

I read online that you can but was a little confused?


Hi there

Exactly the same for me ... I asked my consultant if I could get the vaccine - I even wanted to pay privately for it ..he said I couldn't as my body had already been exposed to the virus and that they only give the injection to young girls.. Hope that helps a bit. I was disappointed but just hoping for the day when my immune system clears it ..

Abnormal smear nov 2014 - severe dyskaryosis high risk HPV 

Colposcopy dec 2014

LLETZ March 2015 

Results April - CIN 3 clear margins no further disease found 

Smear and test of cure sept 

I have read somewhere that research has been done that it can work on people who have already been effected. Boots do it privately personally I think it would be worth trying. 

This one confuses me also. I was lucky enough to literally be one of the first in the world to have this vaccine as it was developed at my university. I however still had issues. The HPV vaccine works against several high risks strains including for example the strain that causes genital warts. No one wants those so even if the infection doesn’t clear I would still get the vaccination.

If you were to look at it differently- If you had never had the measles/ mumps/ rubella vaccination but needed it at 30 BUT you had already been exposed to rubella would you just throw in the towel and say “of well, I will just chance it with the measles and mumps”.

I think common sense prevails and of course you would take the vaccination.

Hi! I had the HPV vaccine at 17 (had been previously sexually active but was advised to proceed with it anyway) and I have just had a smear / colposcopy that indicates likely HPV / CIN 2. I was a bit worried that the vaccine might have made it worse somehow, i don't know. Either way, i think the information out there is sometimes unclear on HPV vaccine, so its worth discussing further with gyne for accurate information :)

Hpv vaccine only protects you throughly 80%. Apparantly research shows once

Your immune system has been introduced to hpv the vaccine won't 

Be as successful. Wish when I was school aged I was offered this