HPV question


I hope it is ok to post this here as it's not actually about cervical cancer but rather HPV and the effects of it.

I tested positive for high HPV in August of last year. Borderline cervical changes. After colposcopy all was fine.

I'm now reading more and more about high risk HPV and oral cancers. I'm specifically worried about throat cancer as I've had a cough and sore throat plus one tonsil bigger than the other for a few weeks. My question, which the Internet isn't answering, is whether vaginal HPV is the same as oral HPV. There seems to be a distinction made but I'm not sure if I'm likely to be infected with both. Also, would oral HPV tumours be as slow growing as cervical tumours. I'm certain that I've only had HPV for 2 years at most. 

I have terrible health anxiety. I've been to the doctors and he's just given me antibiotics that are yet to make a difference. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks so much. 

I would be very interested to know the answer to this too. If you have high risk HPV should you be more careful about the risks of oral cancers?