HPV Positive Result

Hi everybody! 

I just joined as I have just received the results of my smear test which showed HPV positive but normal on cervical screening (which is good!) just looking for a bit of advice/support really as I have been googling (I know, not good!) and seem to believe I am 'high risk', though this was not mentioned in my letter.

I am 31 and have been with my partner for almost 8 years and we have two children. When I was 17 I contacted genital warts, which were treated and cleared and never returned. However, it is now fairly clear that this is how and when I contacted the HPV virus. Now the reason I worry is that everything I have read seems to suggest that HPV is common and like a cold and will clear up on its own. It is when it lingers that it becomes a risk. As mine seems to have been lingering for 14 years I am obviously really worried about this.

the letter said they will do another smear test in a year's time to see if the virus has cleared up but I somehow ow don't think it will have if it is the same virus I have had since I was 17.

Should I speak to my GP/GUM clinic and see what they would recommend given that I have a pretty good idea of how long I have had the virus?

Thanks all x 

Hiya, I had HPV avout 10 years ago and yes sometimes your body clears it itself and sometimes it hangs around lying 'dormant' If you are worried I would visit your local GUM clinic and tell them your concerns