Hi ladies, not sure if anyone will be able to help me out but thought I'd try. I was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer earlier this year, which I have since been given the all clear for. However for the last 18months or so I have been suffering from 'mouth ulcers' in the back of my throat, they r much bigger than the average mouth ulcer and seem to crop up when I am particularly run down. No I am beginning to.worry slightly about the fact that oral cancer is caused by hpv as is cervical cancer. Am I being silly or should I see the dr? I just feel they might think I am being stupid? thanks.for any help xxx

Could be just that you are run down but If this whole cc thing teaches me anything it will be to NOT brush anything off, or to think that I'm worrying unnecessarily. Please get it checked out. I see no reason why they would think you are being silly, and they do, that's their problem. You come first.

love, Molly xxx