HPV Question

Hi Girls,

Hope your all doing ok.

I have a question which im not sure anyone will be able to answer but just wanted to get your views on really. Basically i had my first smear this year which came back abnormal (high grade Dyskaryosis) i had Lletz which removed CIN 3 cells and have just had the results of my 6 month follow up smear which is Normal and no evidence of High risk HPV.

My Question is that because i had high risk Hpv and i have been with my boyfriend for 6 years will this mean he has HPV?

From what i've read it's seems very likely that it will have passed on from me to him and i know the immune system normally clears it within 2 years.  

However, because i have given him oral sex a number of times over the past 6 years will this mean that i have oral HPV?

Im really worried about this because i know oral HPV can cause Oral cancer and that there is no way of testing or screening for it.

Does anyone know more about this? Thank you for taking the time to read this Xx

Iv always wondered this too, iv been with my partner for 10 years this year, so hpv is bound to be in both of us. 2 years ago I had a bad throat and I saw white marks on the back of my throat, I got sent to ear nose and throat hospital and ended up having my tonsils removed as one was bigger than the other and that's a bad sign, long story short they got me in asap through a private hospital and I was told id have the results in 2 weeks (quick as private) yet 9 weeks later I was still chasing them and complaining constantly I got a letter saying the sample removed was fine. I still to this day think about this and think if I had hpv in my throat and it causes dysplasia in my throat, it looks exactly the same as the cervical dysplasia yet smaller. I think they lost the results to be honest and iv looked this up so many times and cant find much on it. So after my essay lol I'd love to know the answer to this too xxx 

Hi Gem,

Thanks for replying, funnily enough i had a sore throat about 3 months ago and i noticed that my left tonsil was bigger than the right. I went to my GP

She had a look and said that it all looked fine and some people just have 1 tonsil bigger than the other. Im still worried about it though.

The thing is they dont mention anything about oral HPV to you i only know from what i've read on the internet which has really got me worried. Xxx 

hi I'm in same boat. So many worries about hpv and the fear of oral cancer etc . I wish we had some answers xx 

Hi again, they told me that your tonsils are supposed to be symmetrical, and the fact that I had one which was a different shape / size I had to have them out. I never even had tonsilitus or any real throat complaint other than these white marks, to be honest I couldn't personally really tell the difference between my tonsils but went along with the professionals advice as you do. I'm going to see if I can see anything on it now, just have a nosey on google lol, I'm in for my 6 month follow up smear after my lletz on weds morning so il ask the nurse if she knows anything (doubt she will) xx

Its all very overwhelming isn't it. As if we dont have enough to deal with having the abnormal smear result and having Lletz then we find out that the pesky HPV can cause problems eleswhere.

The thing to try and remember is that Oral HPV is not as ccommon as HPV in the cervix. I have read that HPV doesn't readily infect the mouth as it does the cerix but then i have also read that HPV causing oral cancer is increasing at HPV will soon be the main cause of Oral cancer rarther than smoking which really scares me.

 The good thing about HPV and cervical cancer is that you can have a smear to test for abnormal cells and HPV before they turn into anything serious but there is not that option for Oral cancer. Its all a lot to think about Xxx 


And this is why we shouldn't google... 

Hpv 16 is found to be the cause of oropharynx cancer, throat cancer. Looking through google images seems to Look similar to the little white patches I had. So it's concerning. Im going to ask the nurse on wednesday but i bet we could teach her a thing or two about hpv and smears due to hours on here lol xx

i give up with google as it just scares us x

Thats how i feel about the nurses and Doctors they just dont seem to know enough about HPV it just all seems to be guess work with them.

I shouldn't look at google i know but it seems to be the only place i can get the infomation im looking for. My left tonsil is about twice the size as my right tonsil the doctor

just seemed to shrug it off and said i wouldn't worry it would be nothing serious at your age but age shouldn't be thought about because you can get oral cancer at any age. Xxx 


This HPV thing is something that confuses me, I thought there was hardly any chance of me having HPV but Googled it (I know don't shout!) with Epilepsy as I also have that. It shocked me to discover that research shows it can actually be passed through the placenta and is reponsible for one type of uncontrollable childhood Epilepsy (which I suffered with)..this is concerning to me as I'm currently experiencing symptoms.





I've never heard that but i know that research is showing more and more about HPV. HPV 16 is the strain that causes the most problems, Unfortunatly we are not told what strain of HPV

we are infected with. When we do have the HPV test with the smear they just differentiate between Low risk and High risk but there are a number of high risk strains. Xxx 

Is there a lin. With the throat and hpv? I waa told had the high risk kind. Last smear all clear although I'm not sure if that means hpv gone or not as they only test for it if cells abnormal. I used to get sore throats all the time and had tonsils out 4 yrs ago. Also am plagued with constant ear infections. Wonder if any connection....