Hpv positive and moderate cell changes

Hi everyone, my names Siobhan. I'm 30 years old.


for a few months there I've had abnormal bleeding in between periods and maybe a month now bleeding after sex, I've went for a smear and my results are 


hpv positive and moderate cell changes, I'm extremely worried I'm going to be told I have cancer, my last smear was clear 5 years ago. I stupidly missed one. Has anyone had a cancer diagnosis after a smear like this or anyone in a similar situation


thanks for reading I don't know who else to turn to. 

Hi Siobhan, I had exactly the same results as you for my smear. I had a biopsy which came back as CIN 2, then I had a LLETZ procedure done to remove the abnormal cells. I had my follow up smear 6 months post LLETZ, which came back clear, HPV negative.

fingers crossed everything goes well for you, please try and remember these abnormalities are incredibly common and several years from cancer in most cases (if they ever turn cancerous) xx 

Hi Siobhan


i just wanted to reach out and say I've had the same results come through today. I haven't missed a smear and it's come as quite a shock but I'm now questioning some things wishing maybe I'd gone to a dr sooner. Apparently I'll have a referral in 14 days which seems fast but I expect it will feel like an eternity. I'm 34 with a beautiful 3 year old daughter and currently imagining the worst.

I hope you're doing okay xx



I had a similar experience (although it was a long time ago now). The waiting time was just awful.  I am assuming you will go for a colposcopy now? Try not to worry. I ended up having a cone biopsy and then was successfully treated with laser. I then had clear smear tests for the next 30 years - right up until this September! I'm just now recovering from a wide local excision of a lesion which came out of nowhere on my vulva. (There's no way of telling if it's related to my previous cervical diagnosis - it's possible, but there's no certainty in that). I feel so lucky because my surgeon managed to get clear margins and although I have to have six-monthly colposcopies now, he's very cautiously confident I'll be okay.  It's awful waiting for results, waiting to see what's going to happen next and it's so hard not to let your mind run away with you, but just try to trust the process. There are so many success stories out there and although you missed a smear, don't beat yourself up about it because it's really good that you're being seen to now. I hope you will be okay - stay positive and see whatever treatment and follow-up you might have as a positive pathway back to opitmum health.  There are lots of us out here who know what it's like to go through this - you are not alone!