Hpv+ cell changes

Hi, I’ve just had my 3rd hpv positive smear and this time it says cell changes so I’ve got to have a colposcopy. I’ve not had anything like this before so would be good to hear what happens next. Good, bad or indifferent I’d like to hear what happened to you if you’ve had the same?

Hello sorry you are going through this, what will happen is they’ll take a closer look with a microscope and put some solution in so they can see any changes / abnormalities.

Depending what they see they may do take a couple small punch biopsies to confirm what grade of abnormality they are. If In the unlikely event they saw something highly abnormal they may offer you treatment there and then. Most low grade changes go back to normal by themselves so usually don’t require treatment.

I had HPV and no changes my first smear, a year later I had borderline changed but at colposcopy it looked normal and didn’t need a biopsy. 1.5 years later I am CIN 3 (highest before cancer) and had treatment 2 weeks ago so now waiting for those results.

Please try not to worry I know it’s scary but it’s good they’ve picked up on these changes now, CC itself is very preventable and any cell changes can be treated and removed before they get to that stage.

Thank you for replying. Sorry you’re having to go through what you are, hopefully your results come back all good.

I’m not too worried at the moment, like you say it’s preventable and they catch anything early on now don’t they. It’s just the worry of some of the stories you hear, of people being fine then suddenly not being fine isn’t it.

My smear came back same but at colposcopy she said couldnt get biopsy as skinned over due to menopause never heard this befor or reading on here so i having lettz next tuesday cant understand how can get a result from smear but not colposcopy starting to stress now as very bad back pain now and runs bit dont know if could be stress scared :confused: xxx

Hi @hollygirl3857 have you had your results back from LLETZ? I’ve had my biopsy results back today and they say CIN3. I’ve gone from borderline to CIN3 since my smear in June. Going in for treatment on Friday now x

Hi @JulieT I’ve never heard of that either but I’m all very new to this. Hope your LLETZ goes OK, I’m going in for mine on Friday x

@Buck Yes I did I was CIN3 and I go back in 6 months for a TOC. No information on margins except (excision: incomplete) which is not useful at all so I assume I didn’t get 100% clear margins. Doctor didn’t have any more info but said if they were concerned I would be called in for more treatment straight away and not left 6 months.

Have the colposcopy unit said anything about margins? I thought you had to have clear margins from everything I’ve read on here. Like you say though, would have you in sooner if they needed to wouldn’t they. Xx

Good luck on your procedure buck least we getting sorted xx