Smear result - high grade (moderate) cells

Hi everyone

I am 39 and always had my smears. My last one in Dec 2019 was HPV negative and no cells were looked at as per the process.

Had my smear recently and got results yesterday it is HPV positive with high grade (moderate) changes.

I am all over the place in my head thinking that is a huge jump in just 3 years?? I thought HPV took years to change the cells to that level?

I don’t have any weird bleeding but discharge has changed a bit but clear for yeast and BV but I am on a nightly antibiotic for recurring uti. Of course in my head I’ve blown it all up that my uti issues are cervical cancer.

Just needing a hand hold really has this has hit me like a ton of bricks.

Got colposcopy and possible lletz on 8th of Feb. I am terrified they will find it’s worse.

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Hello, I didn’t want to read and run. If you’ve been up to date with your smears, It’s.more than likely that you will only have cell changes and not cc. I was an idiot, and just got my first smear at age 32. I am gushing blood daily and now I am kicking myself for never getting a smear before now. From my understanding, it’s people like me that end up having cc because we didn’t keep on top of it. The fact that you did is good because it has likely not progressed into anything more than abnormal cells which can be treated easily.

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Hiya, just some advice really but I had exactly this with an HPV positive smear in Dec 2020 followed up by a colonoscopy (which I was assured was ok) and told to book another smear for the following year. I then got the results to say I was HPV negative early last year. A month later I started just not feeling right and having constant back pain. I re visited the Dr many times with no answers when finally I had extreme bleeding in the December of last year only still to be fobbed off with the fact they said that it was quite normal linked to a woman of my age ( I had such bleeding and pain that I was housebound for almost a month so hardly normal) I then had to fight for further investigations with finally being diagnosed with CC in early Jan and at stage 3C. I was obviously devastated, couldn’t understand how/why as I’d been having regular smears (my grandmother died of CC so was meticulous at going regularly for my smears, and all medical screening really) and I’m fit (I run half marathons/triathlons, am vegetarian, eat a healthy diet and don’t drink excessively) so just still don’t really understand how I’m in this position but at least now well under way on my treatment/curative journey! I’ve vowed to make it my mission to change the way in which women’s health is viewed in general as well as making people aware that if something doesn’t feel right then you must persist in getting further investigations done. I had a battle to do this and so frustrating as could’ve all been caught so much sooner so please do keep an eye on this (although I’m sure all will be fine and not wishing to scare you but in hindsight wish I’d had this type of information previously) and wishing you the best x

Thanks so much for the heads up. I am so sorry you have been going through this :frowning:

I had my Lletz and results from lletz showed cin 1 and 2

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