HPV positive and Borderline changes... Really worried

Really worried after having normal smears for 20 years and now at 41 my first smear which is HPV positive and borderline changes on some cells. Any advice would be great

The hardest thing to do is not to worry, but, I would say the majority of abnormal results are just that ‘abnormal’ & changes just mean something to get rid of not something to worry about. I had an 8 month journey to confirm an abnormal smear (my first in 5) to be cin2 and treated with a Lletz. I did my own head in whilst waiting for those initial results and it didn’t come to the worst. Just hope for the best & im sure it will be fine

Thanks. Did you get the all clear after treatment? Im trying to keep busy to be honest and think Ive done all I can to get myself checked with regular smears

I received a letter this week to confirm I’ve been released from colposcopy and that my results were definitely cin2 so I just have to wait for my follow up smear which is in 6 months and that will confirm all clear or not. This forum is a blessing and a curse, if you want to find positive stories you will but you can also find very easily the less so. If you don’t have any other symptoms then the likelihood is cell changes only and honestly, the experience isn’t that bad. The recovery is a lot! The waiting is absolutely horrible but you have no control over it so just do your best to carry on as normal x

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