borderline cell changes and HPV positive: freaking out

Dear all, 

I am 26 and a half and I have done my PAP test again after several years (I don't even remember how many years ago I did the last one). My results came back and it was a shock: HPV positive,  borderline cell changes and a referall for a colposcopy. I am very very anxious because I have read about girls that had borderline changes identified with the smear teast but then they found them to have cancer at the colposcopy appointment. I find it very difficult to think about anything else, it's a nightmare.   I am here looking for reassurance and I hope you can help me going through the waiting... 

Thank you a lot!!!!  

I had borderline changes and HPV+ 3 years ago and it was all fine at colposcopy :)

if you have any questions you want to ask - write them down before you go. I wish I'd asked more because I knew nothing about HPV.

also, once it's done I would ask whether you should have yearly smears or go back to 3 year. I did not realise that I should have been going back yearly and now I've just had another smear 3 years later and still have the HPV. Just something you might want to ask them about.

i understand how worried you are though. I was there 3 years ago and I'm there again and it doesn't get easier! Hope your appointment comes through quickly.