HPV positive 2019, 2020 & 2021 waiting for Aug 2024

Hi, I’m new here but hoping someone can advise.
I’m 49 and first positive HPV in 2019, then 2020, and 2021. I had a colposcopy in 2021 and all clear so told to wait 3 years for next smear. Due to heavy periods I has an ablation in May 2021. During the procedure they found multiple polyps which they removed, and thankfully biopsy was clear.
The ablation helped but continued to have regular periods until end of 2022. Then they were every 2 months, with my last in May 2023. Then nothing until today. So 11 months, no period, assumed it was menopause, then today I have bled.
I won’t get a smear test until at least August.
Has anyone else experienced this, should I be worried or do you think this is just natures way of keeping me on my toes?