Hpv low and then high

Hello. Hoping to get some help. Few years ago (pre Covid maybe, can’t fully remember) I was told I had HPV due to having warts. I was given treatment and they had gone away.
Fast forward to today and I have received my test results from my recent smear test. It says I have high risk hpv and there have seen changes to the cells in my cervix.
I am really confused and anxious, was under the impression hpv which caused warts was low risk but here I am getting results to say I have high risk hpv. I have been told I need a colposcopy and I am really scared. My mental health is really low and I feel like I’ve been handed a death sentence.
Any advice and reassure would be appreciated. TIA X

Hi @Kay33

Your right in what your thinking, the 2 that cause warts are classed as low risk having 0 link to CC, the 14 that are linked are the high risk types, its possible that you have both a high risk and a low risk strain… most smears will only report the high risk instead of the low

I had treatment for CIN3 back in march, depending which grade of changes you have you may not even need treatment and may just monitor you, even the grade that i had has been known to regress on its own… as scary as all of this is the best thing is to try and not get yourself upset at a possibility, i have bipolar disorder so i dont handle things well but try to remember that cells changes just have the potential to turn to CC not all of them will, HPV and cells changes are like a smoker and LC not everybody who smokes gets LC there is just that higher risk, it doesnt sound like they are querying an invasion they just want to have a closer look at your cervix to see if anything further needs to be done x

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Just wanted to share my experience with all of you with the thought that it might help someone.
I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and CN1 in July 2021.Had colposcopy in August and the results confirmed positive high risk hpv and CN1. I thought to give a try to AHCC kinko Platinum. So I took AHCC kinko Platinum 3g empty stomach early morning. Also took multivitamin, vitamin C 1000mg, Curcumin and folic acid daily for 3 months. Green tea twice a day.Also used Papilocare vaginal gel for 2 months. I had private colposcopy 2 weeks ago and the results are come back as hpv negative. I was so anxious and was taking antidepressants since July. Now I am so so happy and also left taking antidepressants. This is my personal experience which I am sharing and not paid for any positive review.Best of luck for all of you who have high risk hpv.
I now have my smear test by NHS after an year and no hpv is found. So happy and relieved.

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