Abnormal smear and high risk hpv

I had a smear last week and within 3 days had a letter stating I needed to go colposcopy as I had low grade dyskaryosis and high risk hpv infection - how long will I be waiting ? I'm beside myself as I have irregular periods and continuous lung infection ( not sure linked) Nd have also had 3 full term pregnancies ! I can't speak to doctors until tomorrow and hope someone may help !!!

Hi, I just got the same results. It was my first smear at age 25 and of course my natural reaction was a meltdown. I am calling the doctor tomorrow to book in for my colposcopy. I'm nervous as abnormalities run in my family and my great grandmother died of CC. 

It's a very scary thought but I think we just need to not worry until we have further answers.


I just got the same results on Friday and i am beside myself with worry keep bursting into tears . x x


It's horrid - I'm 39 and I must of had hpv for atleast 10 years as I and my husband are 100% faithful - that's. What is worrying me most - that I've had HPV  for so long as most case go within 2 years :-( gonna stay positive but it's so hard ! 

Hello girls,

please try not to panic. Low grade changes are easily treatable. The 'high-risk' HPV label just identifies it as the type that causes abnormalities, as opposed to the type that gives you more obvious, but actually less risky, genital warts.

when the changes are low grade, the patient is often asked to return after say 6 months to see if the changes clear up on their own; this is the time (stuck record) to really boost your immune system and try to knock the HPV on the head. you may need a lletz treatment which you will quickly recover from.

shm1975, I too have been in a 'faithful' marriage, 15 years this month, and together 3 years before that! I found it, still do, so hard to think that I'd had this lurking all this time. Also worrying that NO changes showed up on my previous smears long after I was married. I have SO many questions about HPV, but it doesn't seem to be a conversation that the medics want to have; my consultant told me they wouldn't be investigating the cause of my cc,just presuming it's HPV! I think there is a whole generation of women out there who at serious risk, but are not fully informed of what that risk is.

off on one, sorry!

Take care all and really do try not to worry too much about this. You have found your changes at the right time!

Molly xxx

Hi all,

I just wanted to add that I read somewhere not so very long ago that cervical cancer is not the type to run in families (unlike breast cancer, which is). My silly mistake was to assume that if nobody in my family had ever had any form of cancer that must mean that all my symptoms must be pointing at something else - Wrong! And also, mine is the 3/1000 not caused by HPV. So try not to worry too much about either Great Granny or HPV.

Be lucky


Hey Mollz, in regards to boosting the immune system, are you referring to changing your diet and such?



so sorry I missed your question until now. Yes, there are lots of ways to boost your immunity through diet and lifestyle; excercise, more sleep etc. also some good supplements out there. Easier said than done getting more sleep in these worrying times! 

Try this: http://www.everydayhealth.com/columns/white-seeber-grogan-the-remedy-chicks/ten-simple-natural-ways-to-boost-immune-system/

Molly xxxxx