Smear - help with results

Hi all,

I’m new here, but was looking for some help, I had my smear results back in may 2023 and it was high risk HPV with no abnormal changes, but I have recently been told after visiting the doctor for other symptoms that they wanted to book me in for a colposcopy back then but I haven’t heard anything in 3 months.

I have been having bleeding after sex (intermittent), pain during and random pain in pelvis and back along with a few other symptoms.
Is it normal for them to do a colposcopy when there are no abnormal changes? Also what is the difference between low HPV and high and if you get a positive result on the letter does it always say high risk?

Just trying to put my mind at rest. Thank you in advance.

:slight_smile: x

Hi @Chan091

Colposcopies are mainly used when a pap smear identifies that there may be abnormalities present, but as its just a magnified look at the cervix it can be used for other things, like investigating why we may have bleeding during/after, sex so its totally normal that you would be having one… as your symptoms match, its highly likely theyll be looking for a cervical ectropion

HPV has over 200+ strains, there are over 30+ genital types and 14 of them are classed as high risk with the rest being classed as low risk… theyre put into categories based off what they are most likely too cause (low risk usually just gives us warts/benign none cancerous skin growths and high risk is more associated with high grade precancerous cell changes/lesions that could lead to cancer if left untreated) and how likely they are from eachother to give its host cancer

Lucky for us it doesnt mean to say we have a high chance of developing cancer, quite the opposite actually, with regular screening and monitoring, less than 1% of women with high risk HPV will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, its just that there is that link with certain strains (like eating meat, smoking, alcohol etc) but aslong as we test positive, as the strain that has been identified is in the high risk category, it will always state that its high risk xx