HPV Free after Leetz/Leep

I just wanted to pop back on this site to post some positive news - as I know when I was diagnosed with HPV and then have a leep treatment this site was a godsend.

I am pleased to say that after 3 years of HPV + and 2 Colposcopys + 1 Leep - after my 6 month test cure I am now CIN and HPV free.

I took folate, multi vits and Pukka Herbs - Daily Immune Organic Herbal Supplement and drank alot of green tea! I should add I don’t drink booze or smoke - and I am 47 years old.

Just wanted to let you know there is hope.

Best, Sam


Hi Sam, that is really great news, what a relief for you. Nice to see someone closer in my age having success, I just turned 51. I had a Leep last year in May with clear margins doctor said it looked really good, only to test 6 months later for more bad cells. So in February, he did yet another painful colposcopy and said low grade changes wait till July and we will recheck. Had a pap last Thursday and TBH just waiting for the call to come back for another colposcopy as I just am just losing hope. It has been so frustrating that I don’t think it will ever go away.

Thank you so much for posting, so happy for you! It does offer a ray of hope that at some point it could go away.

Dear Onegirl

I am so sorry for late reply - I totally know how frustrating and it is very easy to lose hope - I had lost count of the amount of times I cried and even had to take a month off work with stress from it all. BUT there is hope and I do think that taking the supplements helped I also went on to HRT as I read a lot about the drop in Hormones can cause inflammation and reappearance of HPV so that might be worth looking into if you are not on already? good luck and you are not alone in this - Best Sam.

Hi Sam. I quit my birth control pills over 6+ months ago. I had read that can cause problems with it reappearing too. I am not currently on any medication right now other then vitamins which I need to be more consistent taking them. At times this can put you into a dark space with so many other things going on in the world. Yes countless times crying over this. I don’t know if I feel doctors have a great handle on this issue. If they can deal with Covid so quickly then why not this too?