Previous high risk HPV, and CIN2/3 - now high risk HPV and low grade changes a year on after leetz



Just wondering if anyone knows what the chances of having to have second leetz are. I've previously had leetz treatment for CIN2/3 around a year / 18 months ago. The area was removed with clear margins, but now I have low grade changes and high risk HPV again. I think I've had the HPV for around two years now and never managed to get rid of it.

I'm booked in for colposcopy next Wed (have had to wait six weeks for an appointment which has been torture). I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether leetz is likely again? The first time round I had leetz my smear showed low grade changes and HPV, but the colposcopy results were severe high grade pre cancer.


Thanks x



So was you're 6 month test for cure smear clear and HPV negative? As I presumed they would have put you back on 3 yearly smears if it was...

if its persistent HPV I presume they would offer you another lletz... or watch and wait... I don't know much about reaccurance as I only started my journey 6months ago. Bloody HPV! All I can say is that I changed my life almost completely... Cut out sugar and processed carbs, upped my vits, drinking green tea... All to boost my immune system to kick some HPV butt!! 


Good luck with your app x

Hey Leah, i had abnormalities at my first smear around 4 years ago with HPV detected. They did LLETZ and it was CIN1 with clear margins, 6 months later it had returned so had second LLETZ which was CIN1 again. In beginning of May this year i had my latest smear and shows severe dyskariosis and HPV, ive had another LLETZ 8 days ago (i went from smear to colposcopy within 12 days, they luckily pushed me through quickly) so just awaiting my results from that to know my next step.

I would imagine they are likely to do another LLETZ for you but they could take biopsy intstead and wait for the results of that before they decide whether to do more treatment. Happy to chat if you want to get things off your chest. C x

Would you mind awfully if I asked you ladies a question? Now that I'm currently HPV free I want to keep it that way. I've already changed my lifestyle, but want to know about sex. Have you ladies carried on having unprotected sex with your partners? I read on Jos trust about some loose studies on viral load and chronic infection... I'm wondering whether we should have sex with condoms from now on? 

Much appreciated! And good luck with your results xx

Yeah, if I remember rightly my six month smear was clear but HPV positive. I was referred back to colposcopy, who then advised I was good to go onto 3 year smears.

I was then called for a smear after a year, which apparently was a system error, but i attended & they did it anyway - which is maybe just as well as I've low grade changes and high risk HPV. I'm assuming if I had waited the three years I'd be in a much worse position! 

I've been really run down over the last year, and I think that's why I haven't been able to fight the HPV. I had my tonsils out last March, and was then rushed into hospital with gallstones & had my gallbladder removed in October! Bit of an unlucky year, but I'm pretty fit now, eating healthy and back at the gym.

The thought of another leetz is awful, but I'll just have to wait and see what happens next week. Thanks for taking the time to respond x

Hi all. New to this forum. I am due for 6 month smear post lletz in August. Stressing my butt off. I would also like to know about sex with the same partner. Can you  be re-infected with the same hpv over and over again? I went for my vaccine straight after lletz just to make sure i won't get any other strains. (Gynae actually suggested it)..