Future problems

Hi everyone,

It's been very helpful reading peoples experiences and I hope everyone is safe and well!

I have had persistent CIN2 for four years, myself and the hospital decided to wait and monitor instead of treatment due to my age and having no children.

However on my last appt they reccomended it was now time to treat. I must say I was very shocked how quick and painless the treatment was and I am a worrier!!! I am happy with the decision as it had not got any better over the last 4 years and I thought the chances of them returning to normal we're pretty slim and I didn't want it to progress any further.

I wanted to see how other people's experiences have gone- how likely is it that abnormal cells can come back in the near future or is it possible for me to go a long  stretch of time with no problems?

Im hoping it's possible to be clear for a very long time. 
And did treatment help get rid of hpv for anyone? 

I would love to hear some positive stories!

Thanks in advance X

Hi LB1, thanks for sharing!

I have just had my second colposcopy and it showed mostly CIN1 with some CIN2. After having my case referred to an MDT, have been recommended the LLETZ.

I'm in two minds about whether to go for it or not! Can I ask whether your CIN2 got any worse during the 4 years you had it? 

So relieved you said the treatment was ok, I'm also a worrier and feel sick about it!

Hope you're recovering well and staying safe x


After Lletz treatment I managed to clear the HPV. Nothing fancy; healthy diet ; fruit & veg & I take vitamins C, D and zinc. I don't smoke & don't drink much alcohol. I wonder if stress activated the HPV as I had a really stressful time when my Mum passed away in 2018 but given that HPV first testing is something new I suppose it must have been there for a while without me knowing.

Hope this helps




I am really sorry for the very late reply! 
how did you get on? Did you decide to have the llettz? 

I believe it's your personal decision but was the best one for me. I had persistent abnormal cells. It started off with Cin1, then I had Cin2 and when I had the Lletz they confirmed I had Cin3 too, so I had no option really.

I am just awaiting to have my 6 month check up and I am super nervous that the time has come around again.Hope your doing well Xx



That's very reassuring, thank you for sharing this with me. I too don't smoke or hardly drink so hopefully my 6 month check up all is ok, it's awfully worrying.


Sorry to hear about the passing of your mum. 
I had abnormal results from my very first smear. It is a worrying experience but how lucky we are to be able to get checked etc. 

Hope all is going well for you.


Thank you x