HPV diagnosis

Hi I’m 28 and have just found out that I am HPV positive. I’m feeling a bit worried as I have had pain in my lower abdomen and am now wondering if this is normal? My paternal great grandmother died at 35 years old due to cervical cancer and I’m wondering if this makes me higher risk and if my doctor should be made aware of this? Any advice on what to do next is really appreciated! Xxx

Hi, Do you know which type or whether it’s HR (high risk) HPV? As there are only certain types of HPV (usually 16 or 18) that may cause abnormal cells, which may lead to cancer. Also, have you had a recent smear and were you diagnosed with abnormal cells? You can be infected with HR HPV, but it doesn’t always cause abnormal cells and you have a high chance of clearing the infection (usually 2-3 years) before it takes effect. Furthermore, I believe there’s no correlation between family members having cervical cancer, as I don’t think it’s an hereditary disease, unless perhaps not caused by HPV(?). So please try not to worry that you’ll developed cancer overnight, as it’s very slowing growing before it would even get that far (10-15 years). The pain in your lower abdomen may not be related as HR HPV doesn’t usually cause any symptoms. You can always ask your doctor. Now that they are aware, they’ll keep a closer eye on you.

There are a number of things you can do to help your immune system. One of which is to give up smoking if you do, as it’s a factor in not clearing persistent infections. Some people claim a good healthy diet, taking vitamins, exercise and reducing stress may help, too.

Hi, I was pretty much going to write the same post as you. I am 29, and have a phobia of doctors. I still have not had the courage to book a smear. I have just been tested for hpv with a self sample and its come back high risk hpv positive. Negative for 16 and 18 but positive for another high risk type. Ive been advised to visit my gp for further tests. But im genuinely terrified. I was hoping to have an all negative result to make me feel better about not attending my smears, but now im just more worried and still too terrified to book a smear with my gp. Help! Frown

Hi Nervousjay. 

Just seen your comment, please book your smear test. 

I went for my very first one yesterday, I am the biggest worrier of all time!

It was over within 15 - 30 seconds and was a really simple and straight forward procedure!

You come out of there feeling amazing that you have got yourself checked and it honestly isn't that scary at all - this could pick up any abnormal cells and save your life! It is highly treatable if found early! 

Plus if you don't have abnormal cells and just the HR HPV, chances are you will clear this up as your immune system fights off the majority of the HR HPV types. 

Take care everyone xoxo

Thanks for your reply! 

I booked a smear for wed and im slowly getting less worried about going but more worried about the results. I will be so proud of myself wed when its over and i did it! 

Hopefully that will give me the confidence to deal with any further tests should i need any.

Thanks for your advice


Sorry to gatecrash this post (noone has responded to any of my past posts) just a little update. Today's the day! Smear day! Im so nervous but also excited in a weird way because ill be proud that i did it and didnt chicken out like last time.

Im hoping the nurse will be trained regarding hpv so i can ask her about my diagnosis. I cant find much info, but it seems you can have hr hpv and still normal smears? So thats the positive im holding onto.


The idea of it being abnormal and having to go for more tests feels me with dread, so im trying to put that to the back of my mind! 


Take care all

Hi all 

i had my first smeer in December 2018 since turning 25 and results came back this week to say I have HPV but no abnormal cells which is positive I guess. 

When speaking to my doctor she told me they only test for high risk strains so the fact I have HPV means it’s a high risk one but couldn’t tell me which exact strain.  

The letter told me to come back in a year for another smeer test so I’m assuming that means I shouldn’t worry as no further tests are needed but I’m just conflicted with what my doctor told me above. 

Has anyone else had something similar? I’m not sure if I should just pay to go private and get a colonoscopy 


Sorry for the late reply! So I am in the same boat as you. They will just test you every year untill either:

1. Hpv shows negative result - you go back to 3/5 yearly smears

2. You have abnormal cells - colposcopy recommended 

3. You have 3 hpv positive tests in a row - colposcopy recommended 

So at the moment there is no abnormalities in your cells on your cervix so no need to worry. Hpv is much more common in younger women and often clears on its own within 2 years with no effects.

Hope thats helpful in some way

Kind regards