Hpv positive, please help



I have recently had my first smear results, no abnormal cells but hpv positive and I need some clarification before I drive myself insane.


i have been with my partner nearly 6 years, does this mean I have had it all this time? Does this also mean that my body can’t get rid of the hpv? 


On the letter it doesn’t say if the hpv was high or low risk, is it always high risk if it’s been found? Am I able to find out which strain it is?


i did not expect this result at all, I am abit gutted :( 


The senior nurse I saw at the hospital said the majority of people will have HPV at some point and to not worry.

She said it was vv common and she had had it too.

hope that helps 

Some self test kits and I imagine private tests do the typing to tell you at least if its 16/18 or another high risk strain.



i just wanted some more advice. I've had High risk hpv for 3+ years now. I had abnormal cells last year and had a colonoscopy but was ok. Then had another smear and I'm still high risk hpv positive. I guess I'm just worried about my immune system not clearing the high risk hpv. 


I too, have had my first hpv positive result but cells are normal..

Am worried sick..cry I feel that I have let myself down..almost disgusted with myself