High risk HPV

Hello ladies, new here

For about 6 months I haven’t felt well so have been to the doctor numerous times and diagnosed with IBS. In the time this has been going on I have looked into tests online as well as some bowel tests I paid for a Gynaecologist Health UK private HPV test. I’ve just got the results which are positive for high risk HPV (not 16 or 18) and I’m terribly worried. I had a clear smear last year and have booked another for this week Wednesday- I am worried they won’t do it as I had clear one… Feeling confused about this high risk HPV and what it means

Apparently something like 80% of sexually active adults contract hpv at some point. 16 and 18 are the ones closely linked to cancer so it's great you don't have those. I wouldn't worry too much, just do what you can to boost your immune system and your body should clear the virus. It's great your smear was clear and I was told by my consultant that most adults have or had hpv so it's really common and most people are fine and clear the virus naturally x