Hpv diagnosis last week

Hi there I have recently received my smear test results back and I have been told that I have tested positive for Hpv but with no abnormal cells so far :crossed_fingers:t2:
I will go back in 12 months for a repeat smear as the letter states.
I just wondered as I have been suffering with abnormal periods for the last 6 months or so could this possibly be a cause.
I have a pelvic scan booked in for a weeks time to check this out which was booked previously to finding this out.
I’m a little bit lost now I have received the diagnosis and quite worried about it all as its all new to me.

HPV will not cause you to have abnormal periods. If you’re worried please talk to your doctor about it. There are some great information pages about HPV and all sorts here on Jo’s Trust. You have no abnormal cells - it’s all systems normal, really and nothing to get worried about. Most of the population carry HPV, it’s only if it causes a problem in cell changes that you will need treatment. X


Thank you for your reply, I am currently seeing the doctor because of this but I just wondered if it could be possibly linked.


Can anyone give me some advice.

I had a smear in 2020 which can back no cell changed but HPV positive …. Invited back for smear in 2021 which I’ve just got results for no cell changes but still HPV positive. Just wondering if I’ll be HPV positive for the rest of my life or is it possible for my body to clear HPV still ? Ive researched it many times but all I can find is your body can clear HPV within 1-2 years. I’m presuming if you test positive for any longer than that your stuck with it ? Thanks