HPV+ and passing onto bf

Sooo confused!

I was given treatment for my abnormal cells after which I started trying for a baby. It wasn't until my 6 month check up to see if the treatment had been successful that I was informed I was HPV+

I am quite worried as to the impact this will have on my bf? He has no symptoms, very well and healthy. What if I have passed this infection onto him? Where do we go from here??

is it high risk hpv?

i have 3 strains of high risk hpv i got diagnosed 7 months ago and was told to just come back in a year for a check up, i am now 26 weeks pregnant you will have probably passed it onto him but it didnt really effect mine and my boyfriends sex life, we have sex as normal. there is tests for hpv for men out there i think if it would be something you would want to look into. I was informed the hpv i have can clear its self naturally which i am hoping is what has happened when i go back

Hey Emren,

This is a hard topic to talk about with a significant other. Fortunately, for men there's minimal risk of any ill-effect, and will likely continue to not have symptoms. There's no HPV test for men so there's no way for him to know his status. The best he can do is to take care of his health the same way you are taking care of yours, i.e. if he's a smoker - he should probably stop. 

Have you talked to him about it yet? I recently had this conversation with my ex-boyfriend and told him that he was likely infected, but that he would have no symptoms or ill-health effects, and that most people (80%) are exposed to the virus at sometime in their lives, with 90% of them clearing it within 1-2 yrs. I was surprised, it actually went pretty well.