Worried about boyfriends reaction to HPV


I’ve just had the results of my smear test come back to say I have slightly abnormal cells and an HPV infection. 

I don’t know how to talk to my boyfriend about this and I’m worried it will put him off me/cause him to dump me. There’s so much stuff online that paints it out as a regular STI. I’m also worried I’ve passed it onto him and the effects it could have on him.

Does anyone have any advice?


thank you

For all you know, he could have passed it onto you though. It can lay dormant in your body for years and you would never know. More often than not, your body fights it off itself and gets rid of it and only rarely does it cause problems. It should not put him off you in any way and it would be a silly for him to dump you because of it. 

I saw a thread not that long ago, with someone asking if they need to let their previous partners know she had hpv, as they could also have it and the general consensus was that you dont need to tell anyone as it isnt a 'normal' sti. 

I hope this helps, please dont worry. Look after yourself.

Hi lovely 

From what I've read the HPV virus can be contracted via sexual contact but I've also read research that says it can be contracted by skin on skin contact which is why the use of condoms doesn't stop it from being passed on. I also read some research that suggested there are other ways other than sexual contact the virus can be passed on which researchers are looking into. The majority of the population will have this virus during their lifetime. Please only read from genuine up to date sources such as research papers, journals, or approved sites/charities 

Your partner should love you for you. I heard HPV described as 'fanny flu' because it's as common as a cold hope you feel better xx

Please try not to feel upset, 80% of the sexually active population will be HPV positive at some time in their lives - it's incredibly common.....virtually everyone really!